Friday, 26 October 2012

Changes for the Better...

As you may have noticed I've made a few changes with the blog.

I know the new blogger interface hasn't been popular, but I've discovered it does have some advantages- more variety in the background wallpapers to start with.

(I was changed over quite early on- within a few weeks of them warning they would start converting blogs automatically- bit of a shock, but I've got used to it.)

Also I've changed to a more recent profile photo. It was taken at the writers club Awards Night last year. I cropped off the antlers and bells- it really wouldn't give the impression of a serious writer if I'd kept them visible... :-)

I've still got a few things to change and sort out, but I have to use an alternative browser to do that.

Previously I could edit the side bar gadgets in the layout, but now all that happens is the gadget box opens and tells me the page can't be found, or just brings up the Chesil picture from the top of the page and a message telling me I can't access that page.

So if you've had this type of problem, try another browser and access the gadgets just as you did previously...

The other change is with the anthology.

I've been able to include two other pieces of micro fiction (to add to the existing two). I'd originally had to choose between these four pieces, so I'm really pleased to have been given the opportunity to add them.

This means I will have two entries under each name, my own and my Serena Lake pseudonym.

I'm finally getting excited about the anthology, and making plans for promoting it both individually and as part of the group- the group's exciting news will have to remain hush-hush for the moment, as there are deadlines to hit first.

I'm sure 2013 will bring a lot more changes, but these are enough for now... :-)



Helen Baggott said...

I have been peering at your new profile photo since you changed it - wondering what you were wearing in your hair. My money was on a fascinator. But the antlers do make sense...

Teresa Ashby said...

I do like your new look blog, Carol.
I also like your new picture :-) x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

It's lovely to make changes every now and then - and I really like that photo as you suit the colour you're wearing!

Maria said...

Hello Carol,

Your blog looks lovely, very attractive, and I'm sure you'll get used to all the changes soon.

I'm looking forward to reading your posts...

Patsy said...

I like the new look blog and new look Carol!

There's an award for you over on my blog.

Carolb said...

If you look at my early December 2011 blog posts, you'll see the rest of the headband- I was under instructions to look Christmassy, Helen.:-)

Thanks, Teresa. I wanted something bright and that fitted.

I was surprised how well the colour did suit me, Rosemary, and I've since bought a couple of items that colour.

Thanks, Maria. :-)

Thanks, Patsy. I'll be popping along shortly. :-)