Podcast Recommendations

When I blogged about podcasts (25th March 2018) I asked my readers to recommend their favourite writing/writing related podcasts, with the potential of a new page for those suggested.

Here it is!

I hope this list will be useful, and continue to expand. If you have any further recommendations then please use the contact form on the right-hand side of the Home page to give me the details... As mentioned on the blog post no self-promotion.

Thank you to everyone for your contributions.

The Creative Penn - this has been the podcast most recommended. Podcasts are posted every Monday, and involve interviews, along with information and inspiration.

The Worried Writer - an audio episode once a month. Interviews with a variety of authors on assorted topics. Created and presented by Sarah Painter.

AskALLi Broadcast - this is a range of podcasts from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

The Joined Up Writing Podcast - interviews with authors, agents, publishers; hosted by Wayne Kelly.

The Bestseller Experiment Podcast - authors and more...