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Prompts 2020 by [James, Gill]
assorted authors

You can buy this e-book from Chapeltown Books on and now.

Carol Bevitt is one of the contributing authors.

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The One Word Anthology
by the Talkback Writers

You can buy the anthology as an ebook or print copy from or and The Book Depository; alternatively use the universal link and choose your preferred online store.

This anthology contains several pieces of short fiction from both Carol Bevitt and Serena Lake.

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If you like short fiction, then you can find my story 'A Tight Squeeze' in the print and
e-version of The Best of CafeLit 3 from

assorted authors

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My short story The Wishful Spirit is available as a digital download (various formats) from:  Sadly this story is no longer available to download, but I hope to use it in future elsewhere...

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