Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday Thoughts...

Latest anthology news (see the details on my previous blog post) - it's looking like it will be out for December, when it will be available in pdf, epub and .mobi formats.

As another (local) writer/friend is also included in the anthology, we're going to get together and discuss what we can do to advertise our contributions and hopefully drum up sales in our area.

Looking forward to 2013, I'm going to concentrate on my longer length projects, and try a few more short stories when I need a break or change of perspective.

I've noticed a few mini workshops advertised so I'm going to see if I can book a place on them. I've decided to update a few skills relating to social media first.

Another writer on the Talkback forum posted a link this morning, it's a good reminder about planning ahead. (Thanks SilverLinings.)

While the agency is in the USA, and some aspects will be more relevant there, it has some good points; so if you've not taken the time to think ahead to 2013 this piece may make you reconsider. Read Mary Keeley's post here.

"Set your own pace and be comfortable with it." I think that first piece of advice is the most valuable, at least it is for me.

Life gets in the way sometimes, and pushing yourself to do more than is practical- or healthy- is a sure way of making life harder for yourself. The accident last year, and the asthma diagnosis this year made me re-evaluate everything in my life, but especially my writing.

By slowing down and accepting that I couldn't do all the things I wanted to, meant I made choices in what I concentrated on. And surprisingly I actually got more done, as I submitted a few things rather than none at all, and won the trophy at the writers' club last December (which was a morale booster).

Now I'm looking forward to my contribution in the anthology.

What has been the best advice you've received that helped you progress?


Helen Baggott said...

Best advice...?

At the end of the day you just have to write.

Teresa Ashby said...

Congratulations on being included in the anthology :-)
One piece of advice that always stuck in my mind was "Just do it and don't let anyone tell you that you can't" :-) x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Good advice in that link, Carol - I think I'll have to follow some of it for next year - I haven't even given a thought to a new year yet!

Patsy said...
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Patsy said...

The best advice I had was 'write something, if it's not good you can always change it'.

Carol, there's an award for you over on my blog.

(Ooops, had to change my first comment as I messed it up!)

Carolb said...

Very important point, Baggy. Thank you. :-)

Thanks, Teresa. A great reminder.

With my family, Rosemary, advance planning is essential! :-)

Thanks for the award, Patsy, and your useful advice.