Friday, 19 October 2012

Looking at the Pocket Novel Replacement...

The Pocket Novel replacement Easy Read is now available in stores, and it really is a different item in appearance as well as texture.

It's also being sold in places that it didn't previously appear for sale, as I found today.

Popping into the Marks and Spencer food hall in the city centre (for my favourite bottle of wine and four in a pack chocolate ├ęclairs) I passed the magazine display and there were the new reads. And yes they do stand out against the magazines behind them.

Knowing Sally Quilford was going to be one of the first authors in the new line I immediately reached  for her name before looking at the other offerings.

Romance with Liaison and Crime with Intrigue
Not only do they look like a book, but the cover feels like a paperback too.

(excuse the lack of correct colour in my picture, but I'm an amateur at Photoshop.)

The earlier change in cover design- which was an improvement- which had the thicker covers too, just didn't give the feeling of a book, unlike these new

Yes, they do make you think Mills and Boon when you look at them, but that
can't be all bad when you consider how well M&B books sell.

And with the current trend in black based covers for the latest trend- erotica- it's bound to get potential readers stopping to look at them.

These books certainly won't get their front covers damaged or creased as easily as the old paper pocket novels did.

In fact these could sit quite happily on a bookshelf alongside regular paperbacks.

The only complaint I do have, is that these new issues don't have the title/author name on the spine, so however you store them, you'll have to remember the number of your favourite for re-reading or be prepared to go through them all to find the one you want...

I haven't started reading either of my purchases yet, so how big a change there's been in substance I can't tell you.

But I do think they will be very popular, and with four to choose from each time, I'm sure everyone will find the one or ones they like.

If you pop over to Sally Quilford's blog you have the chance to win a signed copy of her Easy Read story, 'Bonfire Memories', the first in the Intrigue option.

If you've seen the new design in your local stores, how well displayed was it? Does it stand out against the products around it? Where has it actually been placed?

And if you've read any of the new stories what did you think of them?

I'm looking forward to reading your comments... :-)


Patsy said...

It's good news that they'll be available more places, I think.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I just bought Sally's Easy Read novella in Tesco yesterday, Carol! I agree they definitely stood out against the magazines and I love the look and feel of them. Looking forward to reading it now.

Carolb said...

I agree, Patsy. It's very good that they'll be available in more outlets- it will hopefully bring more writers to new readers.

Rosemary, you're so right, they're very tactile.

Anonymous said...

I've bought a couple to read as market research to find out more about what Maggie Seed is looking for now.

Carolb said...

I get the impression that it will be a learning curve for both the writers and the editor of the Easy Reads, Sally.