Monday 11 June 2012

Decorating the Office Area...

After the leaking pipework that caused big problems over the Jubilee weekend, my office area is now a step closer.

Although the proposed office area of the dining room is still full of loaded plastic boxes, I'm glad to say the surface of the concrete floor has dried out, and further inspection of the wooden skirting board has proved that the wood is dry, so apart from a small bit of wallpaper damage and the piece of soaked carpet, it shouldn't be too long before the move is underway.

As it was warm and generally sunny yesterday (Sunday) we put the boxes outside and I started sorting through them. Sat atop a box in a large carrier bag I found the bubble wrapped, framed, coloured coaching scene print that I'd bought for £3 in a local charity shop a couple of years ago.

It's actually a 20th C reprint, and the colours are more muted than the original, which you can see here. I would have photographed my framed copy but the room light would have shown up in the glass reflection...

When I'd originally shown the print to my husband, he hadn't been keen on it, so I'd left it wrapped up, and it was forgotten about. But as we'd been able to move the sideboard to it's final place there was now a big expanse of wall above it that just pleaded for this picture to be hung.

So my OH reluctantly drilled the holes for the screw fitting (already affixed to the back of the frame) and it is now on the wall; and when the rest of the room is finished I'll be adding some other small prints I have of London scenes.

I have to admit that there are a few more prints from this set I'd like, but I won't have the room. And as my OH is the one with the drill, a little pictorial restraint is required... :-)

Earlier in the week I bought some big purple box files for storing newspaper cuttings, pictures of people from the past and the present, old building images, museum info and so on. So more storage is being gathered ready for those items currently packed away.

I'm getting quite excited about my small office area, and being able to have the items I need close at hand. It will make life much tidier for everyone.

Have you found any literary or decorative gems in a charity shop?


Rosemary Gemmell said...

I love buying old prints, postcards and mags etc from second hand shops. I love that coaching scene, Carol! Good luck with the office space.

Carolb said...

Thanks, Rosemary.
I have a box of postcards that will soon have a space on the bookshelf. But I think I will still need a box for the spare notebooks! :-)

liz young said...

Glad to see you're getting there - and I love old prints, whether new or re-prints. The muted colours appeal to me. You could scan the picture rather than photograph it?

Anonymous said...

I like old prints I bought a couple from a boot sale recently of soldiers from the 18th century.

Helen Baggott said...

I found a lovely glass ink well - possibly pre-2nd world war. It's big and chunky and I adore it.

Hope you get to enjoy your space soon, it's great when we can get our own space sorted, isn't it?

Carolb said...

I like the muted colours too.
The picture by itself would scan-but not with it still in the frame,Lizy, and it just wouldn't go back together as well...:-)

I'm envious, Shirley. :-)

That sounds wonderful, Helen. Think I've seen something similar on a daytime antiques show.

As soon as everything is installed I will have less distractions, because I won't be next to the main walk through from the living room to the kitchen, but still close enough to everything going on.