Friday, 22 June 2012

Best, Fifty Shades and Zombies...

I regularly trawl the book related sites to keep in touch with the world of literature. Some months are quieter than others, but fortunately the summer months are usually busy.

So I thought I'd highlight a few things- just in case you'd missed them, or have got bored of my office saga and my spells of self promotion. :-)

News of short stories in Best magazine comes from writer Vivian Hampshire. Apparently there are no guidelines yet, but 800-1,000 word stories are wanted. Though studying the magazine's current style will be essential to target your stories. One story a week isn't much, but it's better than no stories at all; and fiction has been appearing in the seasonal specials I'm told

Best's website is being revamped as is the magazine, so perhaps details will appear once it's all completed.

* * *

Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James and her other two books in the trilogy have been setting sales records.

"James, a London-based former TV executive, is now the first author ever to see three of her books sell more than 100,000 printed copies in just one week. She has also broken the weekly sales record for a paperback novel after the first book in the trilogy sold 205,130 copies in seven days, beating the previous record of 141,000." (Guardian books.)

You can read the rest of the article here.

Now I don't begrudge any writer success, good luck to her.

The book apparently has page turning quality- but from something a non writing reader told me this week, turning the page to get back to the story might be part of it.

A few months ago I received a regular newsletter from the publisher promoting their upcoming books and these three were prominently displayed.
There was already lots of discussions about the book on the web so I clicked through to the publisher's website and took up the opportunity to read the first few chapters of the first book.

I was not impressed- it needed a good editing- so I didn't bother looking at the other books, or buying them.

That was probably part of the problem. I'm a writer who has been taught to edit out inconsistencies, cliche's and all those other bad things drummed into us on how to improve your manuscript before you even think about submitting it to a publisher or agent.

If you're not convinced, then do see Sally Quilford's enlightening reviews of book one starting here, though I've been told by an acquaintance that (the second book) was nothing but erotica and BDSM- how true that is, I can't say...

* * *

Finally if you happen to know any fans of Charlie Higson's The Enemy series of books, there's a competition for a chance to appear as a zombie extra in the trailer of the fourth book, The Sacrifice.

"Would-be zombies must be over 16 and have to send a photo of themselves and 50 words, or less, describing why they would make a good zombie to by 26th June" and filming is set to take place on the 30th June.

So you need to be quick- not something zombies are usually good at, or so I'm assured by one of my sons who is a fan of the books.

Have a good weekend. I'll be sorting boxes.

LATE NEWS: A Harlequin/Mills and Boon opportunity is coming in a few months, see here.


Teresa Ashby said...

Great post, Carol!
I particularly liked the bit about Charlie Higson - I hadn't heard of The Enemy series so I'll be toddling off to Amazon. I liked his Young Bond books and I enjoyed the books he wrote in the 90s :-) x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for news of Best, Carol. There's been a brilliant discussion on the RNA online forum about '50 Shades...' and not much has been complimentary - though everyone has enjoyed Sally's blog review!

Keith Havers said...

Thanks for the M&B link, Carol. I didn't know about the Best revamp so thanks for that too.

Patsy said...

Almost every time I've read a mega hyped book I've been dissapointed, so don't think I'll read 50 shades.

Carolb said...

My son raves about the books, Teresa. I'm sure you'll enjoy this series too.

Sally's blog review has been brilliant, Rosemary.
If 50 Shades had had a good edit it might have been readable.

I'll certainly be having a look at Best from now on, Keith.
It's good to see a magazine reverse a decision.

Wise decision, Patsy. :-)