Monday, 25 June 2012

Progress and Leaks...

As I write this on Monday evening we're waiting to find out where the gas leak is.

There was a strong smell of gas earlier this evening at the bottom of the short driveways on our side of the road, so the national grid gas leak service was called out and arrived a couple of hours ago; at the moment the gentleman with the device for detecting leaks has moved across the road and is inside one of the houses there, so it doesn't look like we have a gas leak this time- I'm glad to say.

Anyway, back to the progress bit of the title.

I got my trip to IKEA on Saturday and the Billy bookcase is now installed (thanks to my OH, patience and a screwdriver) and is slowly being filled. Admittedly there's still a lot of boxes to go through, but another little section of my office is emerging.

My outfit for Saturday (reading at the Fringe event at the local book festival) is almost decided; black trousers and a cerise pink cross-over top (at the moment) but this could change if it's cold. Cerise is just enough brightness for me.

The hairdresser is booked for later in the week, for a trim and colour wash.

Now I know this might seem a little over the top for just twenty minutes in total, but it all helps the confidence quotient- and I don't get many opportunities like this so I'm going to enjoy myself while I can...

If I can persuade my OH to stay and take some pictures of the event, I might be able to show you a few next week.

(The Gas man has gone now, so it looks like the leak was across the road.)

5 days to go...


Diane Fordham said...

Good to hear the gas leak wasn't a major problem for you Carol. All the best for your reading :-)

Keith Havers said...

'Twas on the Monday morning that the gasman came to call...

You may be too young to remember that one.

Good luck for Saturday.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

What a relief it wasn't a gas leak - scary things those! Hope your time in the spotlight goes well, Carol - enjoy every minute and some photos would be good!

Carolb said...

Thank you, Diane.

I remember singing the Gas man song in music lessons at school, Keith.

I'm glad the leak across the road was sorted quickly.

Thanks for the kind thoughts re Saturday, Rosemary.

I hope I'm going to be okay as a cold and chest infection has upset my asthma.
But I saw the doctor today and have medicine to take, so fingers crossed I'll be okay for the reading Saturday lunchtime.