Thursday, 11 February 2016

Romance: Monthly Masterpiece Competition...

February seems to be bringing lots of competitions, so here's another one you might like.

It is Valentine's Day this coming Sunday, and an ideal time to be writing about love.

So here's an opportunity...

Just Write.

Submission by 28th February, of a first chapter, "fewer than 4,000 words". Whatever the genre it must contain a romance between characters.

Best of all entries can be from anywhere in the world.

There's a prize too: for the winning entry it will be published on the website, and there's four books as well.

Two runners-up receive a copy of Masterclass: Writing Romantic Fiction.

The winner will be announced the first week of March.

Now like any competition read the terms and conditions, pop to this link or click the link at the bottom of the competition page (see the Just Write link further up).

They're looking for "strong characterisation and originality, close attention to the genre theme, and accomplished writing style."

Next month it will be something different, so if this doesn't suit you, then a future competition may.

The competition is organised by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd.

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Patsy said...

Thanks, Carol. I do have an opening chapter of a romance, so I'll take a look at that.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

It sound quite interesting, Carol, although I think I'd prefer the prize to be the possibility of the story being considered for development as a novel by the publisher!

Maria said...

Thank you for sharing Carol, there is someone in my writers group who should enter this one, and I'll be sure to forward the details to her.

Carolb said...

Good luck if you enter, Patsy. :)

Carolb said...

Yes, that would be a much better idea,Rosemary. But they may be watching anyway. :)

Carolb said...

That's good, Maria. Fingers crossed for her.:)

Angela Barton said...

Hi Carol. Thank you so much for updating competitions now and again. I entered the Love Stories one because I'd seen it on your blog - and I was shortlisted!! Like Rosemary I would prefer a competition that could lead to publication, but appreciate you sharing nonetheless. I hope Nottingham Writers' Club is going from strength to strength. xx

Carolb said...

Thanks Angela. I'm so pleased to know that I shared something useful, with a very good result. :)

Yes I agree with you and Rosemary, though who knows where such things can lead.

We're working hard to bring in new members who are learning and need help and encouragement to develop their skills. It's satisfying sharing the knowledge and experience I've gained over the years with new members, just as I received from the more experienced members when I joined.