Saturday, 19 January 2013

Finding a Balance...

The good news is that since Monday I have exceeded my weekly minimum 500 words. Now I just have to keep with it.

I did 382 words on the novella, and am now ready to tackle the next scene, bringing my hero and heroine back into close proximity; after a short chapter where they weren't together, but the hero was there in the discussion that took place...

I'd intended to get on with that scene, but I had to get this other story out of my brain. I really couldn't write a scene between one couple, when another pair were telling me about their history.

Some characters have less patience than others...

So I decided to write the notes down in whatever order they came out- settings, back story, snippets of dialogue, secondary characters and important moments all mixed together.

As the story is set around Christmas and there is a snow involved, it was useful to be able to sit at my desk and look out of my office window, watching the snow fall, noting the movement and appearance on different surfaces.

In less than two hours I'd added 880 words to my total. And my brain is now clear to get on with the Nottinghamshire novella, while my subconscious continues cogitating this Christmas story.

It's always bothered me that whenever I start to write what I intend to be a short story, or a piece of flash fiction, I get to the end and it has turned into a scene from something that needs to be so much longer to be right...

But I've decided there's no point worrying about it. I'm grateful that I have enough ideas to choose from for when my current project is completed. And unless I make a concentrated effort to stick with one story, I won't get anywhere, so I mustn't let myself get side-tracked as I have before.

So week one of my new plan has been a success- so far...

Total: 1,262.


  1. Well done on exceeding your goal. Having two things on the go at once must be a bit confusing, no? I sometimes stop my rewrite - usually when I'm feeling stale on it - and do a short story or a bit of blog, but a whole novella and a Christmas thing - wow!

  2. Hi Carol. It's difficult isn't it when those little explosions of plot lines and ideas intefere with any work in progress.
    I find that most of mine come to me whilst I'm at work, often when I'm dealing with a patient. As soon as I can, I write a sentence or two on my phone to be expanded on later in my little pink and white polka dot book. I find if I don't write something down, it is lost to me quite quickly.

  3. Thanks, Lizy. Now I've written up all my thoughts on the Christmas story it can go into temporary storage until something else occurs to me, meanwhile I can get on with the novella. :-)

    Catherine, you are so right, ideas always seem to come about when I'm being creative in some other way- often when I'm cooking, but now more often when I'm writing.

    As long as I write down everything that occurs to me at the time- whether it's just a line of dialogue or a bit more detail- I can then put it aside to get on with the latest project.
    Then when I go back to the idea I can pick it up and get on with it.

    If I don't write it down as soon as I can then important bits get forgotten...

  4. I'm glad your plan is working out so well, Carol.

    I've been finding it hard to keep stories within their intended word count lately too.

  5. Sounds a good week, Carol. I've now found that working on at least two different pieces at any one time is beneficial!

  6. Patsy, it may be due to you having done so much work recently with your e-books, that your brain is currently tuned in to longer length work.
    And big congratulations on your new books. :-)

    You're right Rosemary, it can be very beneficial working on two different pieces.
    When you find what works for you, that's the way to go. :-)


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