Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Pictures for Research...

Woke up today to find last night's light snow had actually left a couple of centimetres around the place, so I decided to take some pictures before it thawed or got trampled.

Overnight snowfall

There's a stillness with undisturbed snow. You could imagine yourself in any time period at moments like that, as the everyday sounds are muffled and don't intrude on your awareness.

All's Quiet in the Garden
I suppose I really should be taking advantage of this snowy scene
to get on with the Christmas story that was intruding last

I'll probably write out the couple of scenes that have developed
over the weekend with the snow getting my thoughts working.

I will be putting my weekly total on my blog somewhere, plus a
running total.

Visiting Blackbirds
We've been putting a variety of food out to cater to the
assorted birds, big and small that have been landing in the garden.

The two Blackbirds are regulars from early morning to late dusk.

So I'm off to get on with my Monday chores so I have time to start
on this week's word count.

Safe travels if you are out and about.


Patsy said...

Nice pictures. Our snow melted before I could get the camera out.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I love snowy scenes and winter - have to keep feeding the birds here too.

liz young said...

There are some more snow photos on my FB page from my kids.

Carolb said...

That happened to me with the first lot of snow we had last Friday, Patsy, so I was determined to make sure I got some photos before it thawed again. :-)

I seem to be feeding a small population at the moment, Rosemary. :-D

Thanks, Lizy, I will pop over and have a look.