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Thursday 29 January 2015

Solutions then Snow...

Today's post won't be very long, nor writing related.

Our house has had a very bad case of Water Hammer recently- so whenever anyone turns on/off the hot taps there's a horrid noise.

Fortunately the heating was okay- I don't work well in cold.

The heating Engineer visited today and the solution is a valve being inserted into the pipework - seems we have a water pressure issue.

It will be a couple of days before it can be done, but it's not going to be too costly a job - thankfully. But it has limited writing time. :(

I thought I'd share a few of my snow pictures from today with you.

At lunchtime we had a sudden downfall and the snow settled quite quickly, but now most of it has turned to slush and the sun is shining again.

It's Snowing

One minute it was just cold with a dull sky - I was in the process of refilling the bird food containers when the phone rang just as I was about to go back out, and in the 30 seconds it took to go from the kitchen door to the phone, the sky's opened...

Blue Sky Arriving...

After about half an hour the snow eased up and started to melt.

I just caught the back edge of the snow cloud as blue sky appeared again...

Turned to Slush...
We often miss the snow in the lower areas of Nottinghamshire, so when it does arrive, even half an hour's fall is interesting to watch.

Though I know it can also be very hazardous for others, so if you're deluged with snow at the moment, stay safe...

Strangely enough there's a light snow flurry just started outside...

Monday 21 January 2013

Snow Pictures for Research...

Woke up today to find last night's light snow had actually left a couple of centimetres around the place, so I decided to take some pictures before it thawed or got trampled.

Overnight snowfall

There's a stillness with undisturbed snow. You could imagine yourself in any time period at moments like that, as the everyday sounds are muffled and don't intrude on your awareness.

All's Quiet in the Garden
I suppose I really should be taking advantage of this snowy scene
to get on with the Christmas story that was intruding last

I'll probably write out the couple of scenes that have developed
over the weekend with the snow getting my thoughts working.

I will be putting my weekly total on my blog somewhere, plus a
running total.

Visiting Blackbirds
We've been putting a variety of food out to cater to the
assorted birds, big and small that have been landing in the garden.

The two Blackbirds are regulars from early morning to late dusk.

So I'm off to get on with my Monday chores so I have time to start
on this week's word count.

Safe travels if you are out and about.