Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Comment is Free...

Comment is free. Not sure who said that originally, but I'm sure someone did...

Happy Halloween - if you're reading this on Wednesday; otherwise hello and thank you for
visiting. :-)

Now two delightful bloggers, Patsy and Rosemary have awarded me the top commenters award, thank you ladies.

I enjoy reading the comments you leave me, and I like to read those left by other bloggers (on posts by those I follow - in a non-creepy way of course) as it's good to get other viewpoints on the same subject.

And if you leave a comment here, I know I'm not just talking to the ether...

As those who know me, or have known me for many years will confirm, I usually have an opinion on most things, but I'm getting better at not commenting when it's probably a good idea to keep quiet...

As my top commenters have already been awarded this I'm not sure I have anyone left to mention. But if I look through past posts and find a few, I'll add their names in- so watch out!

The phrase 'comment is free' comes from C P Scott- a British journalist, publisher and politician. He was the editor of the Manchester Guardian (now the Guardian, which has a column, Comment is free ).

The full quote is: "Comment is free, but facts are sacred."

A worthy quote...


  1. I have another nomination for you on my blog if you have time for it, Carol. It's called The Next Big Thing.

  2. Very true, Helen. So thank you for commenting... :)

    Thank you, Keith. I'll be popping over to find out more.

    I think it's a great quote too, Rosemary. :-)

  3. Great quote! It's a shame that some newspapers don't always abide by the second part these days... Congrats on the award!


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