Monday, 18 June 2012

Getting There...

Well I would be if only we had some dry weather...

The flooring in the office area is now down, and it does look very good- plus it will be easier to keep clean and hoover.

A couple more small prints are temporarily hung up on the wall- they're scenes of London places in the Georgian era.

But the sorting of all the boxes is taking time. Mainly because it's been raining so I can't take stuff outside and sift through. The local weather forcast is promising a couple of days of dry weather, so hopefully I can make some progress this week.

Even though I have managed to amalgamate the contents of a number of storage boxes, the heap just doesn't seem to be reducing...

I'd love to go to IKEA to stock up on some bits and pieces- and a new Billy bookcase for the corner- if they still do them- but my OH has an aversion to driving me there, probably because he knows he'll have to spend the next few hours putting something together as soon as we get back home.

I think storage is an issue for any home. In fact most homes never seem to have enough storage space built into them, which may explain why there's a lot of warehouse type places where you can rent units to store your possessions.

One thing I have had to decide on, is reducing the pile of fiction books that I keep.

So I can see that once I have my mini office in place there's still going to be a lot of sorting out left to do.


  1. You have my empathy/synpathy with anything "sorting"related - especially offices !
    The getting rid of some paperback fiction seems to be a never ending task. Today I inadvertently bought 2 more from the charity shop which I really promised myself I wouldn't do before I had a clear out.
    Ah well ...
    Good luck with the IKEA thing. Can't you bribe OH with an IKEA spag bol ? :)

  2. That's a great idea, Lexia. I'd not considered the food bribe before...:-)

  3. Clearing books - oh, dear. Every time I get rid of one or two print books, I add another few - and I have over 60 on my kindle now! Hope everything is sorted out for you soon.

  4. That's the problem with books, you get rid of one or two and replace them with more.
    Thanks, Rosemary. I should be sorting more boxes this weekend.

  5. I agree that storage in homes is definitely a problem these days. As you say, how else to explain the plethora of Storage places? I hope you get your IKEA trip in!


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