Monday, 5 March 2012

An Antsy Monday...

I usually find it difficult to write on a Monday. Basically it's the start on the week and there's a long to-do list- both writing and domestic. Then there's chores still hanging over from the weekend to complete.

Over the weekend I decided to do some baking and it went very well. Choc chip muffins, lemon drizzle cake and bread and butter pudding were made for individual family members. It's a way to use that creative buzz when there's no quiet to write- and often ideas and characters emerge when I'm cooking.

Then I had a mad urge to defrost the kitchen freezer on Sunday afternoon- there was enough ice to make bricks! In fact some of the pieces are still visible on the grass outside and they haven't melted yet...

I think this is just another part of my gradual process of getting better organised, so I can make the most of the time I do have to write.

My brain is whirling with so many ideas and thoughts at the moment that I can't settle. So I'm going to get through as many things as I can today, so tomorrow I'll be ready to sit down and get on with the important work- writing.

Do you have off days like this? What helps you get back on track?


  1. Methinks there was a lot of displacement activity in your weekend (mine too!). Love the yummy baking.

  2. You could be right, Rosemary, though I have to say that one of my children is at home with a stomach bug, so that may explain it.
    The family are being very appreciative of the baking...:-)

  3. I think if something's bugging you, wanting to be done (like the freezer) you may aswell just get on and do it. Get it out of the way. You never know what nugget might pop into your brain whilst you are engaged in a task that doesn't require a lot of mental capacity so it can prove useful in more ways than one!
    Hope your children are feeling better now x

  4. I think it has all been a part of the sudden organisation phase I've been going through, Maxi.


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