Friday, 2 March 2012

I've Been Tagged and Tweeted...

Just a quick post tonight before my planned post for tomorrow.

Earlier this week I was tagged by writers, Seaview (also a wonderful artist) and Teresa Ashby- thank you both.

Now the idea is to answer 11 questions, create 11 questions and nominate another 11 people to answer those questions, but as all the people I would have tagged have already been taken, I'll have to pass...

And if I answered all 22 questions I will never have anything stunning/amusing/insightful left to reveal (when I finally get my novels published). :-)

Meantime, I've been learning to Tweet and I'm enjoying it- though I doubt I will ever be prolific.

I've discovered how much information there is at my fingertips- and it's fun.

Now I'm off to check up on some info...


Anonymous said...

I totally understand, Carol - multiple tagging was bound to happen eventually! :)


Teresa Ashby said...

22 questions would be a bit much, Carol :-)
I haven't been tempted to tweet as yet x

Carolb said...

Thanks, Marion. :-)

Teresa, I can see how Twitter can become addictive, but at the moment I'm finding it useful-which surprised me.
I only put out tweets a couple of times a day, but do retweet occasionally, so it's easy to linger on the edges within my comfort zone. :-)