Monday, 31 December 2012

Not Got an E-Reader Yet?

Yes, I'm back...

E-readers seem to have been a popular Christmas present again this year, but I think Christmas 2012 will have seen the biggest choice of devices available.

In the UK the choice has previously been Kindle or Sony- despite Sony readers having been available first, they couldn't compete with the Kindle once it became available to UK readers.

(You may even have taken to reading your e-books on your smart phone...)

But this year there's been an explosion of devices available from new e-readers to tablets.

Publishers have finally got their act together this year too.
You can buy e-books direct from many publisher now- the big mainstream publishers will likely cost more than you'd pay at Amazon, but buying direct from a small independent publisher is a great way of discovering new writers and supporting these important organisations too.

Tablet devices were selling well before Christmas, as they offered the practicality of reading books and being able to access the Internet (though you are paying a higher price).

In October I bought my kobo glo and I'm really happy with it. (It has much better battery life than the first generation Sony e-reader I had.) With the adjustable font and text size, along with the front light, it's great for reading in the car as daylight fades- I couldn't do that with my previous reader.

How do you choose the right e-reader for you if you're finally venturing into e-books? The answer is as usual, research.

Don't be put off by the variety of technology discussed on the TechRadar website, it has some interesting reviews on Tablet devices and e-readers, so type in the name of the device you're interested in finding out about in the search box and go from there.

There are lots of online reviews available, so compare views.

You can try out Kindles in Waterstones book stores, and Kobos in WH Smith's. In fact wherever e-readers (of whatever make) are sold instore you'll find them on display to try out. (Talking the UK here.)

This Christmas (over 3 days) I read 2.25 novels, and at least 10 previews of books I was interested in. It was lovely to spend Boxing Day curled up on the sofa reading - and my books didn't get bent or creased by something resting on top of them in my bag...

I do still buy paper books- just ask my family - but you can't beat e-books and readers for space saving. :-)

Happy New Year...


Anonymous said...

No, I haven't got an e-reader yet, Carol. I always said I wouldn't but, when I look at my bulging book shelves, I can see they might have some advantages. I think I'll still take some persuading, though.

Teresa Ashby said...

I had a Kindle for Christmas :-)
At least with an e-reader you don't get the unread books lying about all over the place that had sounded such a good idea at the time ;-)
Although I must say most of the books I buy I enjoy and you won't discover new authors without experimenting a bit!
Happy new Year x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I've been using my original kindle at night since I first received it over a year ago and wouldn't take a heavy print book to bed now. But I do still love my print books for reading downstairs! It's great to have the choice - as readers and writers.

Carolb said...

Happy New Year everyone. :-)

Gail, I was reluctant too, but was a convert from the moment I tried one out.

I still buy paper books, but they tend to be my absolute favourite authors, or subjects.

I'm sure you'll enjoy your Kindle, Teresa.

The unread books issue is a big advantage with an e-reader, it sits there waiting for you to read it, but doesn't take up real space or gather dust...:-)

From reading free previews I've bought e-books by writers I've never read before, which is good for both the writer and me.

You have it right, Rosemary, choice. And with an e-reader that has a light, you can read in bed without disturbing your partner.

Linda King said...

I do love my Kindle - the only downside is that I'll be bursting to lend a really good book I've read on it to a friend and can't! It's last year's model, though, and doesn't have light, which is a bit of a pain. I reckon I can justify a new one next Christmas! Happy new year!

liz young said...

I am going to have to dig into the savings and get one in 2013. The choice of books over here - in English anyway - is pathetic and confined to second-hand holiday reads. Happy 2013 Carol.

Anonymous said...

My two kids got Kindles, so no doubt I'll be sneaking those, Carol!

Best wishes for 2013. :)


Carolb said...

You can get little lights to clip on books, so it's worth seeing if they will fit your kindle, Linda.

Happy 2013, Lizy. You're situation is a good example of when e-readers are useful for readers and writers.

Seaview, you'll be borrowing them while they're out. Hope they don't catch you. :-)

Maxi said...

Must try and use mine a little more - but I do have a pile of books to read on my shelves still and absolutely love library trips! Hubby is actually using it a bit now so it is getting a bit of use so that's something. I really wish I could read in the car but book or ereader, that's a no-no for me as I go a fetching shade of green. Most annoying!