Monday, 17 December 2012

A Week to Go...

Okay, it's 7 days to Christmas Eve...

Every year I promise I'll get my cards written and posted off before the deadline for 2nd Class postage (it's the 18th in case you didn't know it). And of course I've still got to do them, and write a few letters to go inside them.

I did consider doing a round-robin letter, but I know a lot of people absolutely hate them, so that time-saver is out.

A Jolly Holly Christmas
There's still presents to finish getting- small bits and pieces- so that's scheduled for later in the week.

Construction work is underway at home- though it's outside this time. My OH has a few days off this week, so he's assisting one of our sons in making a new side gate.

I will be passing the stiff broom to them to sweep up the chiseled out wood bits... :-)

Sadly winter bugs have invaded the house, with another son feeling ill today, he couldn't even face the trip to college...Just as long as he doesn't pass the lurgy onto me.

Another was partying today with his class mates- he took a large bag of mixed variety crisp packets with him this morning.

I'm finalising my choices of e-books to buy and download ready for the holidays. It will probably be busy Christmas day, with the big advertising push for e-readers and tablets.

Tomorrow- TUESDAY- you can join in with Sally Quilford's Office Party - read about it here.

We do miss out by working from home, so tomorrow put on your party hat and join in.

I'll be a little late as I have things to do first, but I'll be there at some point with my blog post. :-)

See you tomorrow.

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Teresa Ashby said...

I think it's lovely that you write personal letters to go in the cards!

Hope all the bugs are soon gone - they seem to be doing the rounds and just when you think you've got them beat, they sneak back again!

Very excited about the party tomorrow - hope to bump into you there :-) x

liz young said...

Cards are the bane of my life. Each year I prune my list but it's still too long.

Patsy said...

I have sent my cards - I didn't write any letters this year though.

Paula RC said...

Have a great Christmas. I hope your son feels better soon. I do a newsletter in my card.

Best wishes

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I definitely prefer handwritten notes, Carol! Hope you stay lurgy free.

Carolb said...

Thank you all for the comments.

Glad to say the bugs soon departed and normality was soon restored.

I have to admit that a few people will be getting their cards late...

Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for regularly visiting. :-)