Friday 18 March 2011

Red Nose Day and beyond...

Today I've been wearing my Red Nose Vivien Westwood designed t-shirt- this is the only time I'll ever get into (size wise) anything by her, but it does also mean money goes toward very important causes.

I bought Hogarth's The Laughing Audience a month ago, but would have loved the Louis XVI Lady with her very very low neckline with two red noses covering strategic points, but they didn't do a XXL in the slim fit... :-(

I've had the television on all evening watching the Comic Relief event, enjoying the various items and performances- especially Peter Kay and Susan Boyle recreating the Elaine Page and Barbara Dixon video of 'I Know Him So Well' from Chess.

But I don't think many of us won't be moved by the images of children in Africa suffering from malaria- and knowing some will even die.

Also I didn't even realise children could get cataracts, it is something I've always associated with the old rather than the young.

There are a lot of causes at the moment that need donations as we know, but even £1 can help- apparently it costs 80p for a malaria testing kit, so even £1 will help someone.

There are a lot of causes supported in the UK too, young carers among them.

We might complain how bad things are in the UK with the economic problems, but I'm not having to watch my children suffer in any of these ways.

You can find out more here.

(Monday, normal writing related service will resume on my blog.)


Rosemary Gemmell said...

At least such programmes make us a bit more aware of some of the problems people face. Thanks for posting this, Carol.

Carolb said...

It certainly makes you realise that medical issues we don't need to worry about, can have such life altering consequences.