Saturday 12 March 2011

Japan and how we can all help...

I don't think many of us haven't seen the pictures of the devestation caused by the Earthquake and Tsuanami in Japan that have been shown on every news programme, in every newspaper and online.

In previous disasters writers have shown their willingness to help raise money, so as before writers are stepping forward to help.

Many thanks to Womag on her blog for providing the link to Keris Stainton's site- here is Keris' idea-

"If you’re an author or a publishing professional willing to contribute something to be auctioned in aid of Japan, I’d love to hear from you. I’m thinking proofs/ARC, books, naming a character, swag, chapter/query letter/synopsis critiques, even writer mentoring."

She will have a dedicated website up next week.

Now you may not have anything you can contribute but you can bid for the items/services when it is organised...

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