Thursday 10 March 2011

My Chance to be Stylish...

Two lovely writers-Teresa Ashby and Patsy Collins- have both awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award, sadly I've been too full of cold, plus coughing and spluttering, to concentrate on it. But I feel a little better now, so I better get on with the big reveal.

Seven things about myself-that's a tough one...

1. I hate Garlic. Well that should be, it doesn't like me. If I accidently eat even a little bit I am ill.

2. My first published letter was when I was eleven years old and it was in a music newspaper- can't remember the name, too long ago.

3. I couldn't read properly until I was 7 years old. I will be forever grateful to my teacher Mrs White, who took extra time in helping me with my reading, and demonstrated how to make specific word sounds. The results of her patience opened a world of books to me.

4. I don't like Marmite, Sprouts or Gravy-I don't think I need to say more...

5. I always played a man in school plays. I went to an all girls school and once you reached the senior years (equivalent to Years 10 and 11 now) we took part in the annual drama production (I was in the drama group anyway). The script was written by our English teacher Mrs Brandt and other members of staff did all the backstage and front of house work.
I played Sir Thomas Boleyn (Anne's father) one year. The next I was Mr Brocklehurst in Jane Eyre. I learnt how uncomfortable high collars on men's shirts could be and that fake whiskers itched.

(The long lasting advantage is I can understand how men in formal dress moved- an advantage for historical fiction.)

Now I have to admit, it was only because I was tall and had short hair...

6. I love long sandy beaches. As a child I lived about an hour by train from the seaside, so many summer Sundays were spent on the beach, with my parents in their deckchairs while I ran between my sandcastle and moat to the sea for water.

7. I have a long-standing admiration for Derek Jacobi. He has a wonderful voice. I first saw him at The Old Vic in Christopher Fry's, 'The Lady's Not For Burning' when my college O' level English Literature class were studying it.

Now blogs that I want to award the Stylish Blogger Award to:

Now Teresa and Patsy (mentioned above) would obviously be top of the list- they're great blogs anyway, but we need to spread this around a bit so here are my suggestions...

Lou Treleaven

Parodies Lost - this has a number of writers so I've chosen the latest posting.

All Write- Fiction Advice

Romy's Regency Romance- Rosemary Gemmel's other blog

Gone Writing

Sandra's Blog

Up the Down Escalator

There are a vast number of interesting blogs out and I always enjoy exploring the blogs mentioned on other sites. So I hope you'll find some you like from my list and theirs.


Patsy said...

You don't like Marmite? Good grief - can I take back the award? (Only kidding. The less people who like it, the more there will be left for me)

I'll check out those blogs on your list that I don't already know.

Sandra Patterson said...

Thanks for the award, Carol!

No gravy or sprouts? Christmas must be hell! :-)

(Hope you're feeling better soon.)

Teresa Ashby said...

Well deserved, Carol! Thank goodness for Mrs White - she sounds like a real star.
You never forget good teachers like that.

Carolb said...

Patsy, you are welcome to the Marmite...:-)

That is so true about good teachers Teresa, I can still see her face now and her totally white hair.

Thanks Sandra, I'm slowly improving.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thank you for that, Carol! Loved your 7 things. Isn't this a great way to get to know other writers and discover new blogs?

Carolb said...

Thank you Rosemary. I've found quite a few new blogs this way, also looking at the list of blogs those bloggers follow themselves.

Kate Kyle said...

thanks Carol :)
I think I will have to sit down and think about 7 things about myself now when I have one award from you and one from Patsy. That'll be a tough one, too :)

I just wanted to say a little word in prase of Mrs Whites - she makes me think of a librarian who worked in the village I grew up. She really opened the world of books for me, not only supporting me as an avid reader, but also as a growing writer.
Thanks goodness for all Mrs Whites in the world!

Carolb said...

Thank you Kate. Yes it does make you think hard when you have to find seven things you'd want to reveal. :-)
I'd certainly second your comment on the Mrs Whites of the world. I wish all children could have men and women like this to help them too...

Unknown said...

What an eye opener this sort of thing is. I agree with the others about Mrs White. Teachers like her really can change lives.

Carolb said...

I'm lucky it wasn't 7 pictures of myself at various times in my life!!! :-)
I try to continue her example in my own life- as many writers do- by nurturing others who just need a little help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Carol - I'm touched! I love long sandy beaches too, especially when I have bare feet and an ice cream in my hand!

Carolb said...

Lou, I think ice cream tastes even better when I'm on a sandy beach with my feet plunged into soft warm sand.:-)