Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Winding Down for Christmas is Not Easy...

Only 13 days to go to Christmas Day...
One Day...
(created by and copyright Dane Bevitt)

I thought it would all get easier now my children had finished school: no more Christmas Concerts to attend; no Christmas card lists with the name and class number on the front of the envelope; small thank you gift to the class teacher...

This month I've already attended one progress evening at college for one of my younger three- so had to give up going to the belly dancing Hafla as they were taking place at the same time...

Got through awards night at Nottingham Writers' Club; performed my first solo belly dance in front of an audience- and a repeat performance for next year has been requested... gulp! :D
(If you missed the pictures in my earlier post- I didn't have them available when I did the post, so they were added later- here is one of them.)

At least I was smiling...
 A few posts back I reviewed my writing year. Though I hadn't set myself any targets for 2013 at that stage.

Well I've thought about it...

The only fixed target I have set myself, is to complete my Nottinghamshire novella 'After the Storm'.

As I've discovered in the past two years, 'real life' can throw all your plans out.

I'll be open to entering competitions, trying out different genres, and any opportunities that come my way to promote myself and my writing- can't be a wallflower in the publishing world today!

I will be creating a website for my alter-ego, Serena Lake. But in the meantime any news will be on Serena's page at the top of the screen (just click on the tab).

There will be a few posts yet before I shut down for Christmas.

Hope you like the little animation that one of my sons created for me last year (with limited programmes). I didn't use it then, so I'm adding it now.

Now where did I put the wrapping paper...? :D


  1. I love the animation!

    Congratulations on your first solo belly dance - how lovely! And you look lovely too.

    Serena Lake is a great name :-) x

  2. Great animation - and I like your dancing outfit.

  3. Lovely cheerful photo of you dancing, Carol!
    The Christmas card is cute too. Happy Christmas.

  4. Wonderful photo and animation, Carol! All the best with everything you hope to achieve.

  5. Thank you all for the kind remarks about the animation, my son is pleased. :-)

    Thank you, Teresa. I'm pleased the colour combination worked so well.

    It took me a while to decide on the right first name -as my other choices were too long for book covers/spines.

    Thanks, Patsy.

    Happy Christmas to you too, Lizy. :-)

    Thank you, Rosemary.
    I hope your 2013 will prove to be as successful as 2012 has been for you. :-)


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