Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Plans Can Go Astray...

I should have been doing my follow up post on Kindle Direct (it's under construction) but life has got in the way again...

My plan for Wednesday was to finish the next post and then get on with my short story (poor Jack will have a cold in his back by now. I left him stood in the doorway of his cottage...)

I'd be home too, so I could get my food shopping from Asda delivered as well, but what happens when I go to sign in? They've got server problems so suggest 'I try later'...Don't you hate messages like that?

It's not the end of the world of course but I do like my daily pineapple pieces and the coconut chunks I can nibble while I'm writing- I've now finished my last supply.

Even when I'm reading I do like a little bit of chocolate, or a glass of wine (evening reading only).

So I'm off to try signing in again...

When you're reading and/or writing, what do you prefer? Or are you very strict with yourself and won't have food or drink anywhere near your computer?

But the one essential in my opinion is coffee...


  1. Sympathising with you, Carol! I eat my breakfast cereal at the computer so I can go through all the emails, blogs etc at the same time. That leaves me free to do my writing after clearing up and putting washing on (unless I'm going out).

    I also have my morning coffee and a piece of banana or ginger loaf at the computer when writing at home. Don't tend to nibble otherwise, but I need a proper lunch break.

  2. The ginger loaf sounds delicious.
    I can't concentrate to write if I'm hungry. I realised some time ago that even just being sat at the computer typing, my brain was working hard and using up energy.
    Though I'll admit to sometimes being so involved in writing a story that I suddenly realise lunch has gone by and I'll be eating it mid-afternoon instead.

  3. Cups of tea and Dundee cake help me write.

    I try not to drink wine at the computer - that really doesn't help my writing, however much I might think it does at the time.

  4. I find I'm absolutely starving after a heavy writing session. Tell myself it's my brain using tons of energy and I have to replace it! Try not to have too much chocolate lying round in/near my study. It's so tempting to nibble if inspiration doesn't flow...

  5. Patsy, I'll only drink wine when I'm on the computer if I'm browsing,never when writing. :-)

    You're right Rosalie, one piece of chocolate can soon becomes a whole bar that way.


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