Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday News...

Another week and I've got a few ideas for items to talk about, but I need to sort out some info and speak to people first, so it may be later in the week before you hear more about getting your unpublished books on Kindle...

Meanwhile the Authors for Japan auction closed yesterday and the winning bidders are receiving e-mails telling them their bid was successful.

The sum raised at the moment is over £10,000 (exact figure to be confirmed) for the Red Cross Japanese Tsunami appeal. If you weren't one of the lucky bidders and want to donate to the appeal, you can still do so here.

Spring is trying to grab our attention, so enjoy what sunshine you may see- and feel- and perhaps you're bursting with ideas already - I think I need a little bit more sun and warmth to be bursting with anything at the moment...


  1. Great amount for Japan! A couple of my friends have put their work on Amazon for the kindle and it's working well.

    Although my novel coming out in May is through a Canadian publisher, it comes out in e-book first. But I already love my kindle!

  2. Yes, the people I know who have put their work on Amazon for the Kindle have been getting positive responses and sales, which is good for everyone.
    All the best for the success of your soon to be published novel Rosemary.


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