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Sunday 9 February 2020

Filler Words... What's Yours?

Ask any group of writers what their filler words are and 'just' is certain to appear. They're those words we write without thinking and don't help the clarity.

Those pesky filler
I'm guilty of using filler words, but I'm picking them up better than last year. Now, even stopping mid-sentence and asking myself, do I need to use that word? The answer, no.

There will be others that need removing in the editing process, but if I can reduce known repeat offenders along the way, it saves time later...

We use many of the filler words in everyday conversation, and according to an expert, in this 2017 article from the Independent newspaper online, those words have a purpose- politeness and processing.  (That explains my use of 'well' in conversations...) :D

Perhaps that also fools our brain into giving filler words a pass card when we're writing drafts?

My top three: so, well, and just. I'm working on negating very.

Which filler words do you have to edit out?

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Monday 18 April 2011

Grammar Links...

As today is the start of the school Easter holidays my computer time is going to be limited again, so my regular routine may go slightly awry.

Today has already been refereeing arguing teenagers...

So I thought what I could suggest that was fun but useful?

Now I know grammar may not be the most fun subject in the world, but without it we'd have some trouble understanding...

If you want to test yourself try out Free Rice- each right answer earns 10 grains of rice for the World Food Programme.

There are different categories and different levels, so you can work at a level suitable to you, or challenge yourself.
You can select the category you prefer here. You can try English Vocabulary or Grammar; even language learning with French, German, Italian or Spanish...

I'm not too keen on Chemistry, Geography or Maths, but the Art section might be fun as you get an image of a famous painting and a choice of  possible artists to select from.

If you want an interesting site about grammar then I recently came across The Grammarphobia blog
after it was mentioned on another writer's blog (sorry I've forgotten on whose blog it was, but thank you for the recommendation).

If you know of any relevant websites then do please share your knowledge- just use the comment box at the bottom of the page.

Thursday 9 December 2010

Improve Your Writing...

Have you ever puzzled over whether you should use Who's or Whose?

I didn't know the word Pleonasm existed, let alone what it was. But a quick read of the explanation and I realised I did actually know what it was and could recognise one when I saw it...

Well here is a web page where you can practise all those areas of grammar that we all stumble over occasionally. You will find out what a Pleonasm is if like me, you didn't know.

Thanks have to go to writer Teresa Ashby who mentioned these writing exercises and provided a link on her blog last month.

I've tried a few of the exercises and I'm doing okay, but I know I still have a few dodgy areas...

Have fun.