Monday 16 April 2018

A Vintage Break...

That title sums up my weekend.

Sunday I attended Lou Lou's Vintage Fair held at the Albert Hall (no not that one in London);this one is in Nottingham City Centre next to the Playhouse (the smaller of the two theatres in the city).

Going Vintage...
I was looking for a few 1920's pieces for inspiration  on one of my future projects.

Now I love brooches. I have a few inexpensive costume jewellery brooches that my mum wore on her dresses or coat when I was a child, but rarely wear myself.

Possibly that's why I started a board on Pinterest just for Brooches - old and new,

I took it as a good sign for the story, that in my first ten minutes at the fair I got a lovely Art Deco brooch and a postcard of the poster for the New Pullman Express, The Southern Belle, which travelled from London to Brighton in the early 20th Century- this was one of my initial research areas for the idea.

It's unsettling to see clothes and household items that were so familiar when I was growing up, but equally disturbing when the clothes from the 1970's were now considered vintage- though perhaps it's not so bad if you call them retro instead!

There was a wonderful selection of cakes on sale to go with tea in proper cups- no plastic there...

I found a few items of 1920's clothes on one of the rails, a black coat with a high velvet collar, and a couple of dressing gowns with beautiful red/plum silk linings. Even though they were aged (and on a coat hanger) they still exuded that suggestion of elegance. Sadly they had to stay on the rail...

It was a fun and relaxing few hours and has certainly reignited my interest in collecting brooches.

From a research point of view vintage fairs are especially useful for 1930's-1950's household items, clothing and jewellery.

(Etsy seems to be another useful place to look.)

Also there will be true aficionados attending; they dress up with the clothing, hairstyles and jewellery of their chosen decade.

When I stopped for coffee and cake I shared a table with two ladies, one dressed 1940's and the other 1950's. I felt quite overdressed in jeans and a jacket!

Have you been to a vintage fair or similar event and did you enjoy it?

image from Pixabay


Teresa Ashby said...

What an interesting day out. Thinking back, my mum almost always wore a brooch, especially if she was off out somewhere special. I've never been to a vintage fair, but I think I would enjoy it x

Anonymous said...

It's always fascinating to look at things from a bygone era (even if it was just the seventies!) as they have all had an owner with a story at some time.

What is the brooch like, Carol?

(Changed my ID. This is Helen Laycock speaking)

Carolb said...

Teresa- obviously brooch wearing was a regular thing. I suspect it's something writers would definitely enjoy.x

Helen - I hadn't considered that, and you're right, and every item has its own story too. :-)

Wendy's Writing said...

What a wonderful place for inspiration, Carol. I could have done with a place like that when I was researching for my short story, The Brighton Belle, which was published in The People’s Friend.

Julia Thorley said...

I know what you mean about the 1970s. How can that be SO long ago? The good news, though, is that we're still here. I'm coming late to the vintage party. Perhaps I should start with a rummage through my mum's wardrobe.

Patsy said...

Portsmouth museum has a series of exhibits, made to look like front roms and kitchens of different periods, including some I remember from my childhood – that's interesting.

Maria said...

I love looking around museums, at days gone by, I find it very therapeutic, looking at the things people wore, how they looked and what life was like in another era.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

What a great day out Carol - I love looking at vintage clothes and accessories.

Carolb said...

Wendy- I'm always surprised how the most unexpected things can provide useful research information for writing projects. :-)

Patsy- that's become a popular style of presentation in a number of museums. It means they can combine historical elements in one room, decorating, furnishing and costume for example.

Maria- yes you're right, it is very therapeutic, and it's not obvious how much until you leave and go back out into everyday life with the noise and activity.

Rosemary- it's good to see the clothes, as you can appreciate how they feel, and how colours change over time. :-)