Sunday, 6 March 2016

Computer Gremlins...

It's been a busy few months and apart from getting the short story finished and sent off, I've not had time to make any progress on the Nottinghamshire story- though I have been doing needed bits of research (highlighted when I read the first chapter of draft 1 through).

Sometimes I can't imagine ever finishing it, but I know that's not true, it will get done.

Unlike the first draft I haven't found it as easy to do a bit, then stop, then do a bit more. That's the hard part at the moment, finding how to work with the second draft.

There has been other writing/editing going on though.

A factual piece that I wrote last month that required a final edit was rewritten with a different slant, and will appear this month.

There's an entry for the writers' club quarterly prose that needs finishing off. I started it twice and wasn't happy so put it aside. Then last week everything clicked together and I started again. It's working much better this time...

Sadly my desktop PC is showing early signs of future failure, and I'll need to replace it this year. I like Windows 7, but will have to move up to Windows 10 when I do change. :(

So I've been tidying up the programs, taking off those that are no longer needed, and avoiding putting the PC under any potential stress.

Glad to say it seems to be helping.

So if I suddenly stop posting you'll know what's happened... :D

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Wendy's Writing said...

Don't worry about changing to Windows 10, Carol - it's fine ( at least you've never had to suffer Windows hate... I mean 8!)

Carolb said...

My PC is borderline for accepting W10 without problems, Wendy.

I know my OH hates W8, but won't upgrade to W10 because he hates Windows products! :)

Patsy said...

Computer problems are so frustrating. Why can't the flippin' things just work?

Carolb said...

And go on for ever so we don't have to move to different operating systems either, Patsy. :-)