Monday 23 November 2015

My Review of 2015...

Where has this year gone?

In just over a month it will be Christmas again. I'm now a year older, but let's forget about that...:D

Looking back at my 2014 review, I've checked what I intended for 2015.

I did complete the first draft of my contemporary romance, but it hasn't yet been revised and submitted.

I have now got back to my 'historical' first draft so I've started the second draft a month ahead of last year's plan.

So what have I done in 2015?

January: The presentation of the NWC, Mary Street Romance Shield- from my win that was announced at the 2014 Awards Night (December 2014). Plus booking a few future events.

February: Attended the online virtual romance festival #Romance2015- in early February across Facebook, and Twitter, though I didn't get to the Google Hangouts option.

March: I finally got busy, getting Pinterest organised. I bought my domain name and applied it to the blog, and also bought the domain name for Serena (though I wasn't using it straight away). Then the last weekend was the Writing East Midlands Conference; that was a busy and very interesting Saturday.

April: After a temporary health setback I made progress with my contemporary story (the one I'd won with in December 2014).

May: Mid-May I guest posted on the Womag writers blog discussing joining the ALCS. The payment is a great boost to writers even if they only have a few qualifying items. I also became one of the co-hosts for #writingchat on a Wednesday evening on Twitter (8-9 pm each week).

June: That means The Lowdham Book Festival, and fortunately I had volunteers to help me with the writers' club stall. I was also able to meet writer friend Ana Salote in person too.

July: This was Serena month. I took the big step of setting up a website/blog for my pseudonym, and as I already had a domain name waiting for me- bought back in March- it didn't take too long to get up and running. (It's still an ongoing project.)

August: This was my wonderful trip over to visit the Pickford's House Museum of Georgian Life and Historic Costume, in Derby. I had a few moments where I saw-in reality- images that my mind had conjured up some months before for my Nottinghamshire story.

September: I finally got to visit The Bromley House Subscription Library, during the annual Heritage Open Day weekend. Like my August visit, it provided useful answers to my research questions.

October: Submitted my entry into the Love Stories New Talent competition. I didn't give myself enough time for this, as I was working on getting my contemporary romance first draft finished, and as a consequence I didn't get anywhere with the New Talent competition. A lot of the remainder of the month was taken up by the Sci-fi night at the writers' club. But I did write 'the end' on my contemporary romance first draft on the 29th October. :-)

November: Birthdays- and yes I do mean plural. :D I've also been getting the final results in ready for this year's awards night at the writers' club; plus doing some of the organising for the Christmas party afterwards. Most importantly I've started the second draft of the Nottinghamshire story.

December: It will be busy and fun I'm sure.

There's quite a few other bits and pieces across the year, and I always learn from them.

As 2016 is the next Mary Street competition, my brain has an idea bubbling, but I'm not going to allow it to take over like the contemporary romance did.

I need to give some time to Serena's website and blog.

As in previous years, I'm going to be open to writing opportunities that may appear, and any research possibilities. I think my trip to Dorchester will be put off until 2017.

Meanwhile I'll keep writing and reading...

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Rosemary Gemmell said...

That looks like a very satisfying year, Carol - love all those visits you managed. Good luck with the novels.

Teresa Ashby said...

You've had a great year, Carol and I hope 2016 is even better for you. And it's great you have a new idea bubbling :-) xx

Susan A Eames said...

What a good idea to sit down and review your writing year, month by month. I'll have to look back through my diary and see what I've achieved too! Meantime - well done and good luck with your novels.

Bea Charles said...

Sounds like you've had a great year, Carole. I'm afraid to review mine as I'm sure I'll be disappointed at lack of progress made. Oh well, there's always next year.

Carolb said...

Thanks, Rosemary.

The visits were all fun in their own ways, and I was able to get research queries answered as a result, even though I hadn't foreseen the opportunity. :-)

Carolb said...

Thanks, Teresa.

I've finally found what works for me, so I should make better progress. There are not enough hours for all my ideas. :D

Carolb said...

Thanks, Susan.

Juggling everyday life with my writing it's easy to forget how much can be achieved. I've found that by reviewing the year I can make realistic choices and succeed, rather than unrealistic choices and failing.

It may take longer to reach my goal, but I know I'll get there. :-)

Carolb said...

Thanks, Beatrice.

I'm sure you'd be surprised how much you have done. I always think I haven't done a great deal, but when I review the past year I'm always amazed that so much did get done.

Hope 2016 goes well for you. :-)