Sunday, 8 March 2015

Another Online Festival...This Times it's Crime!

Last month it was an online romance festival, and now for March there's an online crime festival.

It's being run by event teams from Waterstones, and the HarperCollins imprint, Killer Reads, and takes place Friday 13th March from 2pm, to Saturday 14th March at 8pm.

You can sign up free on their eventbrite page, and that will ensure that you'll get all the details via email to your inbox.

The festival will be a mix of live and virtual events. The live part comes via a number of Waterstones branches that will be holding events with crime authors, so if you're near a Waterstones branch then check with them to see if they're hosting any events.

A few of the branches involved: Liverpool, Brighton, Plymouth Drake Circus, Edinburgh West End, and Romford.

Apparently, Ian Rankin will be on a Twitter Q&A.

The virtual events will be taking place on Facebook, Twitter, and on the Killer reads blog. You can find their blog by going to this page.

On Twitter follow @HarperCollinsUK, and most Waterstones branches have their own twitter accounts so you should be able to find your local branch.

But for full details of all events you need to sign up via eventbrite, and as everything starts Friday, sign up as soon as you can so you can plan your time.

If it is anything like the romance festival was, you'll be torn between events, wanting to do everything, but having to make decisions on which you choose- or madly keyboard hopping between Facebook and Twitter!

Look out for the festival hashtag: #KILLERFEST15

Enjoy the experience...


Patsy said...

Sounds like it could be interesting.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Thanks for highlighting this, Carol - sounds good and I hope I can manage to see some of it.

Anonymous said...

Well spotted Carol and thanks for sharing it.

Carolb said...

I've only heard about a few of the invents but it looks good, Patsy.

Carolb said...

Hope you do get to some of the sessions, Rosemary.

Carolb said...

You're welcome, Kevin.

I'm signed up to the the newsletters of several publishers, which was how I heard about it a couple of weeks ago.

The publisher's newsletter is a good way to hear about events early on.