Saturday 9 March 2013

Would We Marry Our Fictional Heroes if They Were Real?

I ask this because apparently there has been a trending topic on Twitter this week- #FictionalCharactersIWantToMarry.

In the short piece in the Guardian Bookblogs section 'Want to marry a fictional character? You could do so much better', Alison Flood makes some interesting remarks, read it here.

So who would I choose?

The first one that springs to mind is Alex Randall from M M Kaye's 'Shadow of the Moon' (I mentioned this book in my glomming post). There he is trying to do a tough job in a volatile situation, falling in love and then having to watch her marry another man, but maintain a co-existence, only to have everyday life violently fall apart with the Indian Mutiny, and then keep not only himself alive, but the woman he loves and one of her friends too... He's strong, compassionate, dutiful and emotionally torn by the circumstances.

Mr Darcy? No, I think I'd want to kill him after a week!

I suppose I do have a soft spot for my hero, Hugh, from my current work in progress. He's considerate but not a push-over; he can be tough when needed but not a bully, dependable and intelligent.
I've just realised that I've been borrowing a few characteristics from my OH for Hugh, but I won't tell him that. :-)

Fictional characters are just that, fictional, but to be believable to the reader, they have to display characteristics that we recognise and can relate to, whether they are things that you like, hate or are indifferent about.

Perhaps you could liken reading to a series of short relationships; some are disasters, others are fine while you're together, and a few stay in the memory and become longtime friends.

What do you think?


Snailmale said...

I was desperately in love with Lorna Doone when I was about 14. with hindsight, I might have had problems with her family.

Patsy said...

I wouldn't want to marry my male leads. They're the perfect match for the characters I fix them up with, but not for me.

Carolb said...

Snailmale, I think anyone would have had problems with Lorna Doone's family. Thanks for commenting.

That's very true, Patsy. :-)

Unknown said...

I wouldn't have lasted more than a week with Mr Darcy. I'd have given him too much lip. I think in the old days they called it "answering back" and in the days when women were expected to "tais toi et sois belle" I probably wouldn't have been marriage material. Now Mr Bingley, who used his charm to win over Jane...

Carolb said...

Finally managed to get your comment to show Fiona, thanks for your patience.

I'm sure there would have been some men who didn't want a totally submissive, wouldn't contradict them, type wife, Fiona.
Or perhaps they went about it in a less obvious way. :)

Maxi said...

First off, you made Shadow of the Moon sound so interesting, it's now on my TBR list! Interesting question. No, I don't think I'm a Mr Darcy match - he doesn't make me laugh, and that's essential! I do have a soft spot for the 'heroes' I write, but perhaps like Patsy said, they are perfect for the heroines, if not for their creator.

Carolb said...

Maxi, Shadow of the Moon is quite a thick book compared to the novels we are used to today.

The early part of the novel would be relegated to back story now, but is so important to the main part of the story.

But I hope you persevere with it because it is a brilliant story, and the characters have you hoping they'll survive, but never being sure.

I think we all have soft spots for our heroes. :-)