Tuesday 5 March 2013

Have you Been Glomming?

No, it isn't euphemism. :-)

As part of my new regime I've been trying to catch up on all the websites I haven't looked at for months to see what interesting items I've been missing, and this was one of them from www.heroesandheartbreakers.com

If you've found a new to you author, and then started buying all their books . then you've been glomming.

The article above asked who was the first author you glommed?

But I'm going to expand on this, for those slightly older individuals, who like me, started off borrowing book after book from the local library...

I can remember working my way through every Jean Plaidy on the library shelves. It was only a couple of years ago that I discovered my other favourite authors of that time, Victoria Holt, and Philippa Carr, were actually all the same writer!

This article gives a fascinating insight into her books and personal life, read it here.

Obviously my early reading experiences must have sunk in, hence my preference for historical romances.

My reading broadened out, and surprisingly I didn't start reading Georgette Heyer until much later, and while I have a few of her books, there's many I still haven't read.

The next author whose books I bought and avidly read, is M M Kaye. Her book 'The Far Pavillions' went on to be made into a mini-series for television. There's a very interesting piece in the above link about the authors determination to ensure the story was done right, by the right people when the film rights were on offer...

Of her novels my two favourite stories are 'Shadow of the Moon' which centres around the fight for survival (during the Indian Mutiny) of the main protagonists, Alex and Winter.

The other story, 'Trade Wind', whose story takes place in Zanzibar- the hero Rory Frost, is a trader, who pulls the heroine Hero Hollis, (an American) out of the sea after she is swept off the ship she is travelling to Zanzibar on.

And finally from this time period, the Poldark books by Winston Graham. He's probably best known for his Poldark books, but he did so much more, including 'Marnie', the thriller filmed by Alfred Hitchcock. Find out more about Graham here and here.

So those are my first few glomms.

Who were yours?


Patsy said...

My first was Agatha Christie - partly because my grandmothers loved her books so I had easy access to them.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Love that expression - sounds a bit like gloaming (twilight). Mine were Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, Georgette Heyer, Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh!

Carolb said...

How lovely to have had a grandmother who loved reading Agatha Christie, and gave you the opportunity to read them, Patsy.

That's quite a variety, Rosemary. Thanks for sharing your glomms. :-)

Maxi said...

I went through a Catherine Cookson stage when I was younger. I've definitely 'glommed' Harlan Coben and Janet Evanovich when I first discovered them. What a great word!

Carolb said...

I read the Mallen stories, but I could never get in to her other stories.

Yes, it's a great word, Maxi. :-)