Thursday 14 March 2013

I'm Moderating Comments for a While...

Good morning all you polite blog readers and bloggers.

Just wanted to let you all know that I've had to switch to moderating all comments at the moment, due to anonymous spam comments getting through the filters and being published.

My blog seems to be getting more spam than usual, and despite the spam comments clearly being spam they are not being recognised as such.

So until the filters start picking these up, I've decided to temporarily move to moderating comments.

Sadly there seems to also be an issue with genuine comments not appearing too- despite the dashboard saying they are published.

So if you have commented and your comments haven't shown up within a couple of days, please let me know via one of the contact methods shown on the right of my blog page.



Edited to add: I've had to disable the ability to comment as anonymous. Apologies to any blog readers that used this facility previously to leave genuine comments.


Patsy said...

Spammers are such a pain. aren't they?

Patsy said...

Carol, I've awarded you the 'Reality' blog award. More details over on mine.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Carol - I had to stop allowing anonymous comments ages ago for that very reason. It seems to have done the trick and I haven't had to go to moderation (yet!). My Internet connection came back at last late yesterday - keeping fingers crossed.

liz young said...

Hi Carol! This is me posting a comment to see what happens to it. What a pain for you having to worry about spam.

Carolb said...

Thanks for your support all.

I kept a check on my stats over that day and it looks like there was a concerted spam session by two sites over about three hours, and then nothing more.

Moderation is now off, and all is now okay. :)

Carolb said...

Patsy, thanks, I will pop over to your blog later today- I have to access it via Firefox or Chrome as IE has a problem with displaying a few blogger accounts at the moment.

Glad you have got your internet connection back, Rosemary. It can be a distraction for writers. :)

Thanks, Lizy. All sorted now. Good to see you enjoyed your recent trip. :)