Monday 23 January 2012

A Sweet Award...

I want to say a big thank you to Rosemary Gemmell who has awarded me the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

These awards are a great way of making new friends and learning a lot from other bloggers.

Now the picture alone makes me feel hungry-which is not good when I'm trying to lose weight...:-)

So before I pass the award on, I have to find 7 things you may not know about me...

1. When I was in the Brownies, I was an Imp. I only got to be the Sixer about three months before I had to go up to the Guides.

2. I have Maltese ancestry.

3. I once got lost on a day trip (as a child) and was found watching a Punch and Judy show by the Cutty Sark- the Tea Clipper in dry dock at Greenwich.

4. I went on a camping holiday with my triplets when they were only 7-8 months old- this could explain why they don't like camping...:-)

5. As it's the start of the Chinese New Year- I'm a Pig/Boar.

6. My ears are not pierced- I wear clip earrings.

7. I was in the choir at Secondary School. Sadly I can no longer hit high notes...

Now here are my nominees for the Sweet Blog Award:

Scribbler Maxi's Musings

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StForce's Writing Blog

SK Adams

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Maxi said...

aww! Thank you Carol! I'm now busy thinking of my seven things....will post and nominate on my blog this week. Thank you again!

Teresa Ashby said...

Congratulations, Carol! And thank you for passing it on.
Camping with baby triplets!! I reckon you deserve a medal for that one x

Rosemary Gemmell said...

I wear clip earrings too! I like reading a little more about all the friendly bloggers.

shaun Adams said...

Hello Carol. What a lovely surprise.
Erm, not sure what to say, Ah I would like to thank my...Whats that? Get on with it, Okay. I accept and I will come up with seven things you don't know about me...Ahem Seven bloggable things anyway :-)

Helen Baggott said...

I wish I'd prepared a speech...

Fascinating facts, Carol! I've Blogged about you...!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Carol. I'll make a post of it tomorrow. :-)

Carolb said...

So pleased to see you all and congratulations. :-)

I'll look forward to your post, Maxi.

Teresa. It's amazing what I did just because I needed a holiday. I must have been crazy!!! :-)

Thank you, Rosemary.

Looking forward to the reveal, SKA. :-)

Thanks, Baggy.

I'm interested to see what you have to say, StF. :-)

Patsy said...

I was a pixie in the Brownies!

btw, ignore the cakey stuff and just eat the strawberries (which are the best bit anyway) and the diet will be fine.

Diane Fordham said...

Hi Carol. Maltese ancestry huh? Me too :-) How far back does yours go? :-)

Carolb said...

Patsy, I love Strawberries- If I buy a plastic punnet full, they'll be gone before I get home...:-)

Diane, I'm at mid-19th century so far.