Saturday 21 January 2012

KDP Select- Is it For You?

I know a few writers who have put their Kindle Direct Publishing books into this scheme and have seen a good response to their fiction and have recommended it.

But is it worth signing your KDP book up to the lending scheme?

If you haven't heard of the scheme or have and aren't sure if it's for you, then you'll find this article by author Caroline McCray (on the Publishing Perspectives website) a useful introduction.

Basically you are taking part in a lending scheme. US Amazon Prime members can borrow a book once a month and if it's your book you will get money from the Kindle Owners Lending Library Fund-you need to read how this is worked out.

But like everything, with advantages there are also disadvantages...

You have to offer exclusivity to KDP Select. So if you sell your e-book via your website, Smashwords or any other place, you'll not be able to for the 90 days you're signed up to KDP Select.
If you are selling your book in a hard copy, or any other (non-digital) format, you don't have the same restriction on selling elsewhere.

I can see that the scheme would mean your work would reach a wider audience- and we all know how word of mouth can sell books- but you can't absolutely guarantee it will result in more sales. For many it has, but there are probably books that don't or get very few.

It could be seen in some eyes as Amazon having found another method of dominating the book market.
But, when even agented (new) writers are not being taken on, because publishers seem to be wanting 'exceptional' books, you can't blame a writer for doing whatever they can to get their books to willing readers...


Patsy said...

Seems like a complicated way of giving away books for almost nothing. Still anything that attracts readers could be a good thing.

Lily Childs said...

Thanks Carol.

Patsy, I've just added my Magenta Shaman Books to KDP Select and am doing a two-day free promotion for the first one in the series. It's already shooting up the contemporary fantasy rankings. I'm pleased because of the exposure, but also - I added the first three chapters of the second book with a 'Buy' link at the end of the free one. I'm hoping if people like the first book they'll buy the second.

Apparently another bonus is the more downloads you get and the higher the book rises in the rankings it then starts being included in the 'people who bought this, also bought this' box.

We'll see.

And there's always the lending share of the KDP Select pot at the end of the month.

Diane Fordham said...

There is so much happening with books today sometimes it all gets above my head. I suppose there is the pros and cons to everything and more need I feel, to read the fine print. Sigh. Feeling like I need to learn so much to be part of this 'modern' world. Your posts do help. Thank you Carol x

Carolb said...

You're welcome Diane. I think having a general overview of what is going on generally helps, so you don't get left behind, nor overwhelmed by trying to understand everything at once- when you might suddenly need to do these things.

Good luck with your Magenta Shaman books on KDP Select. I hope you find it beneficial.
And it's a great idea to put the start of the next book as a teaser at the end of the first book.

Yes, Patsy, I agree, if it attracts readers then it helps, and hopefully results in other sales.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

Carol - I've given you a blog award and you can pick it up at:

Carolb said...

Thank you Rosemary. :-)

Maxi said...

I had an email about this and haven't been sure what to do about it. I've got my 'No Place Like Home' novel on with Amazon and Smashwords. Anything that offers more exposure is great but I'm not sure how I go about taking off Smashwords for the time required. It was a faff and a half getting in on there in the first place! If anyone has any suggestions, most gratefully received.

Carolb said...

It might be easier to try it for a time with something else that you have ready that's not on Smashwords, Maxi.

anasalote said...

Lily, thanks for the tip about 'people who bought this' etc,a bonus I hadn't thought of.