Saturday, 13 November 2010

I Visited Waterstones Today...

I don't usually go shopping in the city centre at the weekend but I was buying a birthday present, so I popped into my local branch to see what was available for Christmas too.

I was delighted to see the squishy sofa seating had been put in downstairs and some moving around of sections making it seem a little more open.

If you read my blog in October about my difficulties buying romance books then I can tell you that there has been some improvement.

Romance is no longer in an alcove between erotica and horror, it is now at the end of a range of shelving units- much more comfortable in the viewing stakes.

It now comes after the horror books- okay, nothing is perfect. I can ignore the books to my left.

Still a limited choice in romance (compared to the range that the departed Borders held) but that's retail.

I noticed Nora Roberts books ( reissues of many of her category romances that I bought first time round)  have made it into the A-Z Fiction sections rather than being within romance, but with so many shelves to fill it would have unbalanced the romance section if they'd been put there...

I did buy a book though. It was a Shire Library book on Early Firearms 1300-1800 by Michael Spencer. (Research for one of my characters)

I'm a fan of Shire Books and certainly recommend having a look at their website. If you want an overview of a subject then they are very useful, plus there is a list of places to visit and further reading on the subject of the book, so you can follow on from it if you need to.

Right I'm off to read my new book...


Patsy said...

Oh, I've never read Norah Roberts' romance books. I like the ones she writes as JD Robb and tried a fantasy written under her own name. I didn't like that and couldn't finish it, but fantasy isn't a genre I'm fond of.

Do I presume you recommend her romances?

Carolb said...

I would certainly recommend her books. I wouldn't say the category romances like the MacGregors series would neccesarily appeal to you, but some of her more complex novels like Hot Ice, or her trilogies with paranormal aspects just might.
The romance aspect is part of the story rather than the dominant part.
She's written a lot of books so you'll have a good selection to choose from.