Saturday 23 October 2010

The Trial of Lady Chatterley's Lover...

Hard to believe this trial of D H Lawrence's book was fifty years ago.

If a publisher appears in court in the modern day it's usually because a non-fiction book has been published with disputed statements that could be damaging to the person it's about.

Obviously Lawrence's book was a work of fiction. But the powers that be, did get uptight about sex in those days.

Goodness knows what they would have said about the sexual references in literature published now. :)

There is a long article in the Guardian by Geoffrey Robertson QC discussing the effect the trial had. You can read it here.
(It is previewing a piece in the Guardian Review.)

So perhaps writers of today should thank DHL for his book...

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Just to add: If you are interested in D H Lawrence and want to discover more then there are two places in Nottinghamshire- the Durban House Heritage Centre and the D. H. Lawrence Birthplace Museum. For details see here.

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