Thursday 7 October 2010

National Poetry Day 2010

Thursday 7th October is National Poetry Day. This year's theme is Home, and I've no doubt that many poets have been inspired by where they've grown up, their childhood experiences and memories- however you interpret 'home'..

I have a number of friends who are poets, and I envy their ability to create often moving verse, that speaks to the reader, pulling an emotional response from us.

Writing poetry is hard- I've tried it. Personally I don't think I will ever be a poet, so I won't inflict my one poem on you (inspired by an old table that was a part of my family life as I grew up. It is now with me).

If you want to listen to some poetry being read then go here and click on any of the red marked links.

Alternatively if you want to discover what's going on in your area then check out the website for National Poetry Day information.

Have fun...

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