Wednesday 13 October 2010

Reference books I wouldn't part with...Part 1

We all have favourite books that we keep and wouldn't think of giving away. I've heard them referred to as 'keepers' when speaking about fiction, but not relating to non-fiction.

I certainly have a few books that I wouldn't part with, mainly because of the subject matter, but they can sometimes cost quite a bit if there isn't a modern paperback reprint available, and not always available from local libraries.

Fashions in Hair: The First Five Thousand Years by Richard Corson.
My hardback copy- slightly tatty- is a 1984 reprint and was bought from a book sale at our County library about eight years ago for 80p. The most interesting 80 pence I have ever spent.

(It is a rather heavy book and 6cm thick.)

It starts with 1400BC and ends with 1978, over 3,000 black and white illustrations- and yes there is a hairstyle shown that I did actually have myself, around 1978. :)

There's explanatory text discussing how the styles developed during specific time periods, with additional images such as 14thC Venetian hairpins to caricatures of hairstyles.

There was a later reprint, but second hand prices are similar to the previous version.

I've not yet found another book that is as comprehensive as this one.

So do you have a reference book that you wouldn't part with ?

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Helen Baggott said...

My research material is sourced from car boot sales or the internet. Once a project (normally an article) is complete, I recycle them.

There's one book, an autobiography, which is very rare and pricless to me. That's staying put!

It's for my labour-of-love book. It's a privilege to research the subject.