Sunday, 3 March 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy- Making Plans...

Yes, it's Sunday night and I've not blogged for a few days.

Life is getting so busy that I've decided to reduce my regular three posts a week, to two regular slots.

I've been missing from Twitter too, so I'm going to try for a drop-in there a few times a week, just for ten minutes...

I have to admit it's easier to pop into Facebook, during a quick break, and link up with other writers, than on Twitter where the stream of Tweets is constant...

As for all the other tasks I have to accomplish this month, I think I better make a list and put it within eye range so I don't forget to tackle them too.

Even reading has taken a step back, so I may have to set myself a target there too. :-)

The aim for this coming week is for the next blog post to be posted by Tuesday evening, with writing time slots Tuesday and Wednesday for sure.

March is going to be the start of a new routine for me. There will be hiccups I'm sure, but I have to make changes now if I want to get the novella completed and ready for either sending out, or e-publishing myself early next year- if not this year.

I've a few longer projects that I want to make progress on this year too, so I can work on them intensively in 2014...

All those characters and plots waiting...

Each new idea has to go to the back of the queue, and there are at least half a dozen firm ideas awaiting attention. It's good, but I need to be strict with myself.

And don't even mention the cobwebs...

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  1. I'm starting a new routine for March - or to be more accurate, I'm starting to have a routine!

  2. It's a balancing act, Carol! Good luck with the new routine.

  3. Good luck with it, Patsy. I'm sure you will quickly finds what works for you soon. :-)

    Thanks, Rosemary. I'm getting there slowly, but each little change is helping.

  4. Hope the new plan is going...well, to plan! There's just never enough time for everything, is there?


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