Friday, 4 January 2013

Everything on Hold for a Few Days...

The wretched bugs that my family got over Christmas hit me with a sledge-hammer a couple of days ago.
If any of you have this cough/cold/headache bug going round please take it seriously. I was so ill yesterday afternoon I honestly thought I was going to need to go to the local hospital...

At least I feel a little more human after a second visit to the doctor... :)

So I'm going to be taking a couple of extra days off, staying warm and getting the family to do my regular shopping tasks.

I have a good supply of e-books to read in the meantime.

I've also just got my first royalty statement for the One Word Anthology- I've not earned much, but I can afford a chocolate bar... As the book was only launched in mid-November, it's a start; it was important to help the charity, beside getting some of my work published- and giving Serena an airing, as well as actually being able to say I had a book out in 2012...

If anyone knows of bloggers, or blog review sites that might be approached to see if they would consider reviewing the anthology, please let me know, so I can pass the details on. Or e-mail me at my contact address on the right. Thanks.

I wish you a bug free New Year, and thank you for all the kind wishes for 2013.

See you next week...


  1. Sending waves of sympathy in your direction. It's months since I've had a virus but they're horrid. When you live in the tropics it's difficult to cope with an Englishwoman's instinctive rush for bed and hot water bottle, and having a temperature when the weather is hotter is nasty. Get better soon and don't send it over here!

  2. Hope you feel much better soon! x

  3. Oh that's too bad, Carol - hope you're feeling better very soon. One of my friends evidently had such a virus and we've had to postpone meeting up.

  4. Hope you're soon feeling much better.

  5. Thank you for the kind thoughts, Lizy, Maxi, Rosemary, and Patsy.

  6. Glad you're feeling better, Carol, and enjoying your ebooks. I was very tempted to buy a Kindle after my daughter-in-law had one for Christmas but after umm-ing and ah-ing every time I logged on to Amazon, I eventually decided to stick with the paper.


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