Monday, 23 July 2012

In the Office...

I'm now relocated to my new office area at one end of the dining room.

There's still a lot of boxes to sort through, but my shelves are starting to fill up, and essential items are at hand.

Ever since we got broadband at home we've had a router (we're on our second one) and it's started to wear out, so at the end of last week I contacted our broadband supplier and moved to the latest device. Plus I asked if we could replace our old rental phone with a newer model, and yes we could do that too.

The new equipment arrived this morning, so I've got some reading to do before I start connecting anything.

Technology has moved on so much in the last five years and it will also improve the space available for the essentials.

I've still got a big box with books, manuscripts and stationery to empty and arrange on the shelves, so it's still a work in progress, but I can start working meanwhile.

I can now sit at the computer out of the way of the rest of the family, and sheltered from the everyday noise and movements through the house. And when the phone rings I'm there to answer.

And best of all I can't see the tv...


  1. Away from the TV? Good idea! Technology moves on at such at pace doesn't it? But I'm sure you'll be up to speed when you get fixed up with your new router.

  2. It sounds lovely, Carol. I dread reorganisations, but once it's all done and you've had a good sort out, it's always a good feeling.
    Good luck with all the new equipment x

  3. Sounds very organised and much better for you, Carol - didn't know routers could wear out. Maybe that's partly why we're having problems!

  4. Thanks, Pat, Teresa, and Rosemary.

    I'm not getting any interuptions to my broadband line, as I was previously, so I get through everything quicker.

    My main problem is deciding which of my many reference books I want close by on the office area bookshelves, and which can stay in the other bookcases. :-)

  5. Sounds lovely snd organised, Carol! Glad the new equipment is working out ok. Routers do seem to give up the ghost at times - when we moved abroad for a bit, we gave our old one to my parents. Once back and in their study one day, I noticed a funny smell...the router's insides were melting!
    You're organisation is very inspiring...

  6. I'm just about to start sorting more boxes, Maxi.

    I think you get to the stage when you have to update the equipment just to be able to keep up with the advancements in technology.

    Otherwise you waste time trying to resolve disruptions and delays which aren't an issue with newer devices.

  7. It’s good that you finally got a work space all to yourself. Many times, it’s important for a writer to be secluded and shut everything else out, so that they can concentrate on their work. Having your own office space that’s away from distractions is definitely going to boost your productivity. Good luck with your work, and congrats on getting a space of your own!

  8. Thank you, Clayton. I've already found it's easier to find what I need, so that will mean more effective writing time.


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