Thursday 12 July 2012

Short Story Downloads...

Glad to say I'm enjoying a spell of sunshine and a relatively dry atmosphere which is helping my lungs feel better.

So while I continue recovering I thought you might like to read more about the short story download site Alfie Dog Ltd.

Australian writer Katie W Stewart (author of the successful 'Treespeaker' and 'Mark of the Dragon Queen' e-books) has an interview with Rosemary J Kind here, the writer behind Alfie Dog Ltd and the short story download site.

Rosemary answers questions about formats and prices of downloads, and also her reasons for starting the site.

So if you're a reader looking for a good short story, you'll find something to entertain you. And if you're a writer with any short stories lurking on your hard drive doing nothing, they may find a  new home.

I know that Rosemary is currently preparing an exciting addition to the website- a blog. And actively working to get the story download site well known.

My winter project is to revamp some of my older stories-that don't fit women's magazine- and submit them for consideration by Rosemary.

If you haven't visited Rosemary's website yet, then click on the link here.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

I've still to have a proper look at this, Carol, but I know a few friends with stories already on. Hope your sunshine lasts!

Carolb said...

I hope you have sunshine for Penrith this weekend, Rosemary.