Monday 16 July 2012

Writers Love Stationery...

I had a day trip to Yorkshire on Saturday and visited Elvington Air Museum, which is why there was no blog post at the weekend.

But back to normality now.

The office area is coming along slowly. The main problem is storage and disposal. Once I sort items out into keep or dispose, I have to arrange disposal so that pile has to hang around for a while. And the stuff I'm keeping has to be stored in boxes until other furniture is moved so I can get to the empty cupboards... I'm still not totally recovered from last year's accident, so shifting furniture solo is out at the moment.

But I have chosen a shelf for my numerous notebooks, those in use and those waiting to be opened and for their pristine pages to be finally written upon.

The notebooks in use are more numerous than those waiting- which is probably a good sign.

Now I know writers generally have an irresistible urge to buy stationery, but we each have our personal preferences.

I know a few people who love Moleskin notebooks, and although I've looked at them a number of times in Waterstones and John Lewis, I just can't see what's so enticing.

My personal preference for notebooks is a hardback with an attractive cover design and the round spring style spine.

And the paper has to be thick enough for my preferred choice of pen, as I tend to be heavy handed when writing, and if the paper is not thick enough, so that I can see the ink through the other side of the page, that really annoys me...

And my pickiness even extends to diaries.

Not only must I decide on the type- day-to-a-view or week- to-a-view, but does the diary have those extra pages of information, calendars and charts, and blank pages for notes in it?

Then it's cover colour preference- silver, black, red or navy?

My ideal diary would have (for each week) two pages for a week to a view, but then for that week also a page a day following it.

I need an overview of the week, but I also want a full page for each day so I can write in detail when needed, rather than a few key words and times.

So if there are any stationery companies who'd like to try it out, I'll volunteer. :-)

I think I'll be buying a page a day diary for 2013, even though it's thicker than a weekly view, as I'm going to start putting regular reminders in it about competition deadlines and events I want to attend.

I have a few appointment reminders for early next year already, so it will start being used as soon as I find one I like.

And I've seen a few notebooks I would like to add to my waiting box too...


Rosemary Gemmell said...

Oh, I love staionery and notebooks too, Carol! As you say, I think all wtriters do.

Maxi said...

Notebooks are a real weakness of mine too! It was my birthday at the weekend and I got a gorgeous hardback one with sketches of London on it - Fab!

Carolb said...

You're so right, Rosemary. :-)

That sounds like a lovely notebook, Maxi.