Friday, 30 March 2012

Oddest Book Title of the Year Winner Announced...

It's 'Cooking with Poo' by Saiyuud Diwong - and as I mentioned previously Poo is Thai for crab- but apparently Poo is also the author's nickname, so hence the title.

The winner got 38% of the votes, while the second place title (about the chicken sexer in Hebden Bridge) received 22% of the 1,363 votes.

Sadly the Estonian Sock Patterns that I favoured just couldn't compete with the top two titles, garnering only 12%...

For full results see the Bookseller article here.

So if you want publicity and sales for your non-fiction book, clearly an odd title can have its advantages...


  1. hee hee! Charming! I think that's probably a fairly worthy's probably going to make you look just because you can't believe what it's called...

  2. I agree, Maxi. You'll look at the book just to make sure you weren't seeing things...:-)

  3. Ohhhhh Carol I don't know what to say to this post. I'm smiling though, that's a good thing right? :-)

  4. Certainly a worthy winner, Rosemary. :-)

    Yes, smiling is a certainly a good thing, Diane. :-)

  5. Certainly a title that gets noticed, Baggy. :-)

  6. I suppose any publicity is good - but I still don't fancy a cookbook with that title.

  7. Another of the strange translation moments of the English language, Patsy. :-)


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