Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Feedback is Important...

As you may know I've been waiting to hear what comments judge Sue Moorcroft wrote about my romance novel entry that won me the Nottingham Writers' Club  Romance novel trophy, late last year.
 (This was just the synopsis and first three chapters submitted.)

Well today I got the comments in the post (thanks to the club Prose Secretary, Christine).

Now I was stunned to win the award in the first place, so I was even more amazed when I read the judge's comments.

Like any feedback there are things I can do to improve the work, and there are certainly a number of those comments- many of which I was aware of, having had time away from the novel.

So I hope you and Sue don't mind me mentioning the really good comments. :-)

It has a "Thomas Hardy-esque plot" and the really pleasing bit for me, was this: "I get the feeling that I'll never be bored or find the action lacking. The writer has a good way with pace and momentum."

The dialogue 'shines out.'

And I've demonstrated 'excellent viewpoint control.'

"This is a promising opening, heavy on plot, pace and focus, and demonstrating a feeling for the nuances of craft."

The comments on the synopsis were as I expected, it was a bit more of a detailed synopsis (outline) than the basic version needed. (I know a good book to help sort that out.)

The feedback has certainly confirmed a few areas that I need to work on- as already mentioned.

The other less obvious value of the comments is this: confirmation of how much I've improved my writing skills, so I know my novel is progressing in the right direction.


  1. Congratulations, Carol - that's marvellous :-)

  2. Those are fantastic comments, Carol - well done! Take some time to enjoy the glow...

  3. Those are excellent comments, Carol - it really gives you so much reason to finish it now!

  4. Thank you all for your congratulations- I very much appreciate it. :-)

    The whole page of feedback I received has renewed my enthusiam, and reminded me I am capable of writing the rest of the novel.

  5. How wonderful - you must be walking on air to receive comments like those!

  6. Thanks, LindaK. I've finally got over the shock...:-)

  7. Brilliant news, Carol - you must feel really proud & encouraged.

  8. Thanks, Sally. It has all been a great encouragement.

  9. That's fantastic, Carol! Well done!


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