Friday, 16 September 2011

It's Friday And This Blog is One Year Old...

On the 16th September 2010 my blog, Carol's Corner, published it's first post saying Hello.

It's amazing how quickly the year has passed and how many posts I've made over that time- this post is the 153rd...

When I started I did wonder if I would have anything to say that readers would be interested in, or would the subjects that appealed to me, interest anyone else? Well I'm glad to say that quite a few readers have enjoyed my posts, comment and come back regularly- THANK YOU EVERYONE.

In turn I have made lots of new friends via blogs and learnt a lot too. I know I will go on learning and hopefully it won't be too long before I get some of my writing out into a paying market- I can but hope and work hard.

So now on with the virtual celebrations...

Champagne and most importantly Cake- there's chocolate in there somewhere...


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  1. Congrats Carol! I am sure you will get your writing out into a paying market some time soon... sending you lots and lots of good vibes. Thanks for all your wonderful posts and ofcourse for the cake..chocolate too...yum! x

  2. Happy first birthday, Carol's Corner! I do enjoy your posts, Carol, so keep them coming. I'll have a slice of cake with my morning coffee!

  3. Happy birthday, Carol.

    Keep writing and, who knows, maybe you'll be celebrating your 'New Year' with your first sale!

    Enjoy that cake. They say chocolate is good for the brain, don't they?

  4. Thank you for all the personal and blog birthday wishes, Diane, Rosemary and Gail.
    The virtual champagne and chocolate has returned

  5. Happy birthday!

    I'm off to the pub to celebrate for you.

    Seriously, it's great you've kept your enthusiasm and still write posts that entertain and inform.

  6. Thank you Baggy. I hope I continue to entertain and inform in the future. :-)

  7. Happy Birthday, Carol! I love your blog and I'm sure it won't be long before you are being paid for your words (you certainly deserve to be!) :-)

  8. Happy birthday, Carol's Corner.
    See you on Wednesday.

  9. Thank you Teresa, I'm much more confident of my writing abilities now.

    Thanks Keith, I'll see you Wednesday.


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