Monday, 12 September 2011

My Autumn Review...

As I always review my progress or lack of progress at the end of the year so that I can set targets, I thought this would be a good time to review my blog.

On Friday my blog will be one year old.

I've tried out different things and made lots of new friends in the writing blogsphere, and I've learnt so much about improving my work and the demands of the writing business; the advantages, the pitfalls and how publishing is changing.

I haven't done as much writing as I intended due to the accident and recovering from it. At times the only writing I was able to do was this blog, so I didn't stop completely.

Next month I'm attending Sally Quilford's Pocket Novel workshop and I'm really looking forward to it. I know I'm going to learn a lot which will improve my writing.

If you can't get to the face to face workshop then Sally is compiling a mailing list for a potential online version, here.

So now I'm looking at my blog (as it approaches its first birthday) and I need your help.

I'm going to be redesigning it, though I haven't yet decided which layout I prefer. But I would love to know what you like/dislike about my blog- you can remain anonymous if you prefer. :-)

Have there been particular items or subjects you really enjoy?

As so many blogs do cover specific subjects I like having some flexibility with my blog as long as it is in some way writing related.

So tell me what you think by using the comment form below.

Thank you.


Rosemary Gemmell said...

It's a good time of year for taking stock. I like the variety of your posts, Carol, so more of the same please! Enjoy Sally's workshop.

Helen Baggott said...

I like hearing about the places you've visited.

I still remember the one with the photos of the rope!

Patsy said...

I hope there will be cake for Blog's birthday?

Carolb said...

Thank you Rosemary, Baggy and Patsy.
I am off to find a suitable cake for Blog's birthday- and there may be a balloon or two...:-)

Diane Fordham said...

Hello Carol - I too like the variety of your posts, I also like the way you keep us updated on what you are getting up to. Did someone mention cake? Can we have chocolate cake? YUM!

Carolb said...

Thanks for letting me know that you like the variety of posts on my blog Diane.
At least with a virtual chocolate cake I wouldn't put on any weight...:-)