Friday 2 September 2011

Ever Had One of Those Days?

Finally I've got some time to post.

It isn't just me that has been having one of those days- when things just don't go as you planned.

A few days ago The Bookseller announced that the expected result of whether the OFT (Office of Fair Trading) will refer the merger of Amazon and The Book Depository to the Competition Commission  was being delayed until Friday 2nd September, rather than the end of August as expected.

Then on Thursday further delays were announced. No reason has been given and the list of merger cases on the OFT's website just shows the date as to be confirmed (TBC). They generally state that
" the timetable of a given case may change during the merger assessment process due to different reasons."

The merger attracted widespread opposition from many writing and publishing related organisations. I'm sure many individuals would have voiced their concerns too.

* * *

Meanwhile high street bookseller Waterstones (now under new ownership) announced that they will no longer be running their 3 for 2 promotions.

Seems a lot of people, me included, only ever found two books they wanted. I found that less of a problem with the 3 for 2 in children's books.

The scheme that will replace it sounds interesting, but whether it is good for all writers or just some, time will tell...

* * *

I've spent today looking at washing machines. Our current one finally packed up yesterday and it did it with my swimming costume and a number of large towels inside.

My dear other half rescued my costume and hung it up so it would be ready for my aqua class, but there are now a lot of very wet towels to dry, and my new machine will not be delivered until next week...

Sadly the tribulations didn't stop there. I'd just got on the bus (to go to my aqua class) when the traffic ahead slowed to a halt. A flat-bed wagon loaded with large bales of hay had stopped just off the roundabout and partially blocked the slip road my bus had to use.

The bus was going nowhere- too wide for the remaining gap- and as I wasn't going to get to my class in time I got off and went home- that was when I saw the bales on the path and others hanging off the wagon...

The wagon is gone but the escaped hay is now in a big heap, on the top of the banking which runs along the edge of the road, waiting to be retrieved. (If it's still there tomorrow I'll take a photo.)

So at least it wasn't just me having one of those days...


Rosemary Gemmell said...

We get these kinds of days, don't we! That's a nuisance about your washing machine - we had to give in and get a new television with proper freeview channels the other day. I don't like this throwaway society, although we pass on as much to charity shops as possible.

Hadn't heard about the Waterstone deal being changed - be interesting to see what happens next!

Carolb said...

I agree with you Rosemary about the throwaway issue. If something can be mended so it runs longer then I'll do it, but sadly once washing machines get past a certain age they are obsolete and repairing them becomes too costly.

But the good news is that my new washer will be delivered a few days earlier than originally quoted.

I tend to pass stuff on to charity shops too.

Linda King said...

You could make yourself a cement mixer out of the old washing machine with a bit of clever tinkering. Just a thought...

Patsy said...

Washing machines and other equipment such as kettles and fridges are easy to take for granted until they go wrong - then we learn how much we need them.

Keith Havers said...

There's got to be a story in there somewhere, Carol.

Carolb said...

I like that idea LindaK but I know one of my sons would put something vital in the cement...:-)

You're so right Patsy. We don't think about how we'll deal with every day life without these time saving gadgets.

I'm sure there is a story in there Keith, but my brain is on overload at the moment.