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Monday 1 October 2012

October is Here and It Starts Getting Busy...

The remainder of the year is going to be busy. So I'm glad I've got the organisation in place before I start.

Not only is there all the normal planning for Christmas (sorry, I know that word is forbidden by many until the beginning of December :-) ) but I have five birthdays in one month, so I have to start present choosing and buying early to get it all done.

On the writing front I have a couple of competition entries to get on with.

The Mail on Sunday Novel Competition- that needs to be sent at least a week before the 29th October closing date (I always allow 7-8 days for anything that has to go by post). I have a scene in my head and a few ideas germinating, but no flowing words...yet.

Then there's the annual Manuscript of the Year competition at Nottingham Writers' Club (NWC) in early November. Members deciding to take part need to write a story in 250 words on the theme 'Coming Out'. The entries (using a pseudonym) are read by a panel of readers, and the audience on the night vote for the entry they judge the best, or they like the most.

An original slant will be needed with that theme...

On the publishing front there's news.

I've been fortunate enough to have a sneak preview of the cover for the One Word Challenge Anthology ( I have two pieces in ) and it's a wonderful design.

It will be an e-book first, and fingers crossed it will be available before Christmas. There's hopes of a print copy in 2013, but nothings confirmed yet.

And finally I'm involved in co-organising the 2013 NWC workshops. We hope to do three, but depending on availability and cost of tutors we might have to limit this to two.

Meanwhile I'll be getting on with writing the novella.

I'm so glad I have my 'office'...

Thursday 13 September 2012

My Blog is 2 Years Old Today...

I started this blog on the 13th September 2010, and it's now 13th September 2012. Time sure passes quickly...

To celebrate I have a little competition to win a book- more later.

Since last September I've been busy.

I've entered a few outside competitions, sent off a story to Woman's Weekly- no rejection yet and it's been out just over three months. I won the Romance novel trophy at the writers' club in December. And in April I became Chairman of Nottingham Writers' Club (NWC).

In May I enjoyed a day long workshop on Writing Romantic Fiction led by Kate Walker, at NWC.

Even social media hasn't been safe from me. I joined Twitter earlier in the year, and in the last month, Facebook. (Contact details are in the sidebar.)

I've recently started using my new office area and can say it certainly has made my writing life easier. I have the phone by the computer so I can limit disruptions; and like this morning, when I was working on my novella, I could slide my chair a short distance over to the bookshelf and pluck the reference book I needed off the shelf to check something.

I don't know what year three will bring, but I'll be sharing the writing related aspects with you.

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog, and an especial thank you to all of you who leave comments.

Virtual birthday cake for everyone...

                        Image from

Now to celebrate I have a copy of 'The Lost Night' by Jayne Castle (otherwise known as Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quick) to give away. (Sorry, only to those within the UK postal system.) You can read the start of the Kindle version here.

Question: What is the name of the paranormal society that has featured in a number of the author's books?

Leave your answer in the comments and all correct entries will go into a bag and I will pick one out at random on Sunday, and announce the winner on Monday. Good luck.

Monday 23 April 2012

Happy Monday-World Book Night, Shakespeare and St. George...

Phew! Today really is busy...

Happy St. George's Day to all those living in England.

Happy Birthday to the greatest and best known playwright in the world, William Shakespeare, who grew up in Stratford-upon-Avon in Warwickshire.

I spent a lot of summer holiday's there in my early 20's, I would book theatre tickets for whichever productions were on at the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) during my chosen holiday week, find a nearby hotel or bed and breakfast and immerse myself in the town and Shakespeare's plays.

(It was quite normal to walk past well-known actors in the street, or to be standing in the same queue as them in a shop without anyone bothering them...)

When I wasn't at the theatre, I would stroll alongside the river, sit and read, or just enjoy the calmness away from the traffic and bustle. I even ventured onto the river in a small hired row boat- I did wonder if I would ever get back to land a few times, but I could certainly appreciate how tiring rowing a boat can be.

During the day I did the tourist trail- I've visited his birthplace a few times, and always found something new to learn. You can find out more here.

The other big event today is World Book Night.

You can get a brief overview of some of the events from this article.

But if you think the hoo-ha is too much then here's a few other ways to celebrate the giving of books.

Nicola Morgan is doing her Complementary World Book Night again this year-after getting a lot of tv and press coverage for her views in 2011. She'll be going to the book shop and buying books to give.
This way the bookshop gets sales (high street bookshops need people to go in and buy books from them, to keep running), the writer of the book earns royalties, and the publisher gets money too.

And if you'd like to support independent authors then do visit Authors Electric who are celebrating WBN by offering a selection of their e-books for free on the 23rd/24th April. A great opportunity to try out some new authors.

Well I'm off to do some writing before chores take over.

Happy World Book Night/Happy St.George's Day. :-)

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Charles Dickens-What He Means to Me on His Bicentenary...

Charles Dickens
200 years ago on the 7th February 1812, Charles Dickens was born.  There's even a Google doodle to mark the day.

There will be a wreath laying ceremony at Dickens grave in Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey- where he was buried in 1870, as well as at his birthplace in Portsmouth.

Among the numerous world-wide events taking place, the Charles Dickens Museum in London  will be open between 12pm and 5pm to celebrate.

Introduction to Dickens will often have been by the films of his stories, Oliver Twist among them, either the 1948 black and white version or the better known colour version from 1968.

Personally I've had an intermittent relationship with Dickens and his novels for the last thirty plus years...

In secondary school my English class read through the play version of Oliver Twist; I took the part of Fagin. And as a member of the choir, one year we performed a number of Lionel Bart's songs from the 1968 version of Oliver for an open evening- and I can still remember a lot of the words...

Great Expectations followed in my O'level English Literature course.

Over the last ten years the spirit of Dickens has been around every time I go to my writers' club. Though we meet in the third generation building on a different site the Nottingham Mechanics hosted one of Dickens' reading tours; as did the hotel where the writers' club celebrated it's 70th anniversary dinner. The link to the great writer in the location was considered...

When you realise many of his works were written as serials for 'news' publications you can appreciate his genius. He didn't have months to write the next episode, his deadlines were very much shorter, and he needed a cliff-hanger each time so the readers would buy the next issue to find out what happened next.

Like all writers he observed the world and the people around him and he wrote what he knew about, however harsh the lives he portrayed, he reflected that reality in his writing.

142 years after his death, people are still buying and reading his books, and television is still dramatising his better known works...

That is a great literary heritage...

Friday 16 September 2011

It's Friday And This Blog is One Year Old...

On the 16th September 2010 my blog, Carol's Corner, published it's first post saying Hello.

It's amazing how quickly the year has passed and how many posts I've made over that time- this post is the 153rd...

When I started I did wonder if I would have anything to say that readers would be interested in, or would the subjects that appealed to me, interest anyone else? Well I'm glad to say that quite a few readers have enjoyed my posts, comment and come back regularly- THANK YOU EVERYONE.

In turn I have made lots of new friends via blogs and learnt a lot too. I know I will go on learning and hopefully it won't be too long before I get some of my writing out into a paying market- I can but hope and work hard.

So now on with the virtual celebrations...

Champagne and most importantly Cake- there's chocolate in there somewhere...


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