Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back to Reality...


Normality returns today with the start of the new school term.  In the kitchen the tumble drier is going round and the washing machine is on- I'm still learning what all the functions are and how many times to push which button but it's a really quiet washer.

Now I don't know if you find this, but instruction booklets always seem to leave something out. Perhaps just because the makers know what a certain symbol means they automatically assume the customer will realise what that symbol means too so they forget to put it in- we are not all geniuses, a few clues help...

Anyway I now have hours to get on with my latest writing project, so I better go.

(Later on I will add the photo of the escaping hay bales from Friday. With the high winds today I suspect the bale (that was broken open) will be depositing chunks on the road.)


  1. I'm an engineer and we never read manuals. Just start pressing buttons until something happens.

  2. Manuals only make sense when you know how something works.

  3. Glad your washing machine is working quiety away for you!

  4. In the end I went for a mixture of instruction book and pressing buttons, Keith. That worked.

    You're right Baggy, guessing only goes so far...

    Thanks Rosemary. I'm getting through the washing backlog quite quickly, now I've mastered manipulating the controls.

    It has a sort of digital chime/ beep that tells you when the washing cycle is completed and then turns the power off ten minutes later if you don't do that yourself.
    So it doesn't matter if I'm busy writing...:-)


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